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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by ABLUV, Sep 15, 2008.

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    I finished "Proof"! Great finish! Looking forward to our discussion when Teacher is finished. I'm going to the great awakenings website to get more insight on revival. How bout you?

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    Just got your post, i was out of town a couple of days, and now i'm recovering. I was in bed all day yesterday with a headache.

    Is Teacher reading it also??? I too am looking forward to discussing it, and picking out another book. I'll check out the web sight too, tomorrow.

    I have a older friend that has gone on a missionary trip to Uganda Africa for the month of Sept. She has been able to send three letter so far. They are facinating, and heartbreaking, it's possible to imagine living in such poor conditions, or such poverty.
    Anyone interested, i can post her letters, either here or on the worship board.

    Take care,
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    doesnt look like you are on everyday either. I kinda weaned myself off this summer with the kids home and everything.
    Besides it's addictive being here. Will probably be around more again this winter tho.
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    No I don't post everyday. You're right this is addictive so I have to discipline myself also to make sure I have enough time for other important things. However I do consider this board as one of my important things to do, I have to make sure it doesn't overshadow all the other important things.

    Believe it or not, I forged ahead to the next book in the series. It's called Fury. I enjoyed it very much. It was easy reading and I was stuck in bed with Chronic Fatigue so I finished that book in record time. Fury is a western with good humor and spiritual meaning all in one. If you like Gunsmoke and Ponderosa and Big Valley with a spiritual twist, you'll like this one.

    Did you look at the website for greatawakenings yet? I thought it didn't have enough information about past revivals but it did give good instructions on persuing revival in our day and time. The website got me interested in studying more about revivals and seeking God for spiritual revival in America.

    Well that's all for now....try to get in touch with Teacher
    so we can discuss this book and choose another. Speaking of choosing another book would you like to do the honor?