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    I hope today is a better day for you. My heart truly goes out to you. Usually the beginning of CFS is really the pits. The symptoms are very debilitating. It's an extremely confusing frustrating depressing time. Along with finding doctors and medicines that work for you, I would suggest reading up on coping with illness. From time to time I have to brush up on my coping skills. I usually go to the library to get books about people who have CFS or other chronic illness or books on coping. (I also check out the movies - they're free if I turn them in on time.)

    This illness is a huge emotional loss not only for you but your family and friends. I also would recommend that your wife look into a caregivers support group, even if she doesn't attend every meeting she will find people who understand what she is going through as the wife of a husband with chronic illness.
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    Mrlund, where are you? Don't give up....
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    Thank you so much for asking. I am starting to feel okay, but I have very strange new symptoms that appears . I am sick and tired of going to doctors and spending so much money for them to tell me " o yes its gas , drink green tea " , " oh , your so health ", " oh your so young , nothing is wrong ", " oh its all in your head "

    see, I hate those answer because it really doesn't help me get fixed, I try to avoid such doctors.

    My Wife is mean, she just thinks its in the head and their isn't real illness since the blood work is normal.

    She thinks I am nuts. I just gave up, I don't really try to tell her anything, just do my own thing.

    I am trying new vitamins and other stuff to feel good.

    I am trying to setup a appoitment with a new N.MD doctors in the area who is trained by one of the fatigue center doctors.

    I think it's the same doctor who wrote that book " From Fatigue to Fantastic "

    Well see how much he helps.

    I can't seem to afford there bill, since I have to pay out of pocket.

    Thank you for asking.
  4. ABLUV

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    if I wrote your wife a letter? I am a female who got sick with this stuff when I was 25 years old(I'm 40 something now). If you think it would make things worse then I won't do it. I will add you and your wife to my prayer list but if you would like me to write to her, I will...abluv
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    Mrlund, your story sounds exactly like what I went through. I am a 44 year old male and also was told by several different "doctors" that there was physically nothing "wrong with me" and it was a "psychiatric" problem. I knew it wasn't psychiatric but I couldn't make anyone else believe me.

    In the year since, I have seen 9 different doctors. My GP finally just gave up. The two that were key were my psychiatrist, who came to the conclusion that my problems did NOT have a psychological cause, and my current doctor that I found this past January, who is very familiar with CFIDS. She is the one who finally diagnosed me.

    You are way ahead of me in one respect. You have found this board, which means you must have at least a suspicion that you have CFIDS or FM. I had never even thought of CFIDS until my current doctor diagnosed me with it.

    It sounds like you are on the right track in your pursuit of a good doctor.

    I also understand about the cost. My current doctor does not even bother with insurance because she had too many rejected claims.

    A doctor that truly understands these DDs has to think outside the box of conventional medicine, since there is no strictly medical treatment that works. It has to be a combination of conventional medicine and holistic practices if you are going to make any progress, and most health insurers don't recognize holistic medicine as "real" medicine and won't cover it. I'm hoping this will change eventually, like it did with chiropractic care recently.

    I know it is expensive, but what is a better investment than your health? That's the way I have had to look at it. Luckily I am on private Long Term Disability Insurance and have an income, although it is much less than when I was working. Many people aren't so lucky.

    This is getting too long, but I wanted to let you know I've been where you are and with the hindsight I have of my "journey", I believe you are definitely on the right track. Just "talking" to the people on this board is a huge help, because many of them have gone through what you are now. That is big!! It will keep YOU from thinking you ARE crazy!

    Good Luck and HANG IN THERE!! Make sure your wife goes with you to your new doctor appointments. She needs to hear it from an expert in these conditions to understand.

  6. ABLUV

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    Mrlund, hang on. Don't give up looking for the things that will help you feel better. By the way, I reread your post and realized that you said you drink green tea. Green tea works kind of strange for me. I can only drink it once every two weeks; if I drink it two days in a row the pain and fatigue and mental fog are absolutely horrible after the tea wears off. I cannot drink it too strong and I cannot drink it after two oclock or I will not sleep well(whatever sleeping well is for people like us...). White tea is gentler but I still cannot drink it more than once a week so I drink it when I have a lot of important things to do. Black tea and coffee are murder for me; I stay away from it. Bee pollen also gives me horrible pain and fatigue when the energy drains out. I'm sharing this with you just in case these symptoms are happening to you when you try these things.

    Please write back...

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