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    Was wondering how you have been with the costro. I thought of you today, another 100 degree day in Jersey and I woke up so inflammed I could not take an indomethican fast enough. I looked around for you to see if there were any foods you could try that might help since you have a problem with the meds..... here are a few I found
    Spinach, pineapple, Onions and Garlic, cherries, Broccoli, kiwi and blueberries. There are a lot of great websites for info I found.

    Hope all is well
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    I just happened to sign in a few minutes ago.. What a coincidence to hear from You.. I am glad that I stopped in.. Thank You for trying to contact me with this.. I appreciate it and it was very thoughtful of You to do so.. :)

    I am still having issues .. Been to the Drs with this issue 3 times.. she did blood work and said everything is ok with that except my Cholesterol was up a bit.. and my Vit D was too low at 20.2 She wants me to take the 50,000 units once a week but I am just afraid that is way too much to take all at once.. but the level has come up since the last time which was 18 but I am taking the Vit D3 1,000 units a day.. maybe will try taking 2 of them and see if that helps.. I read where it says to take it with Calcium but my body just does not like the calcium that I was taking .. which was from Walmart.
    I have started juicing .. My Mom and Dad are finally home from Florida and they stopped at my Uncle's .. he give me his brand new slow Hurom juicer and I love it.. I have been doing the carrot and celery .. I started out slowly.. been doing it a week today.. but I was bad yesterday .. it was my birthday and so went out for a fish dinner with my parents. lol.. so today getting back on program.. I did just get some fresh spinach yesterday when I went to the store on the way home.. I haven't tried the pineapple.. or the kiwi.. I have been eating all of the rest of what You mentioned tho..

    I am so sorry that You are in pain too. The only thing I can really take is the Ibuprofen.. and I try to not take that very much.. and Yes I wake up hurting really bad from this heat and weather but I just try to keep moving.. When I sit and not do anything.. it is worse..
    I did start weight watchers June 9th so.. so far I have lost with them.. 10 pounds.. and I've lost 1 and a half since jucing..
    My Mom uses the Hallelujah site and I signed up for it.. It is free and it tells about how it helps so much for people with Fibro.. actually for anything it helps.. Next month I will get the barley max.. that with the juicing is really so helpful.. if you happen to go on that site.. check it out and see.. It has soooooooo many testimonials from doing their plan.. it is based thru a Non denominational church group.. and its basically vegan and raw food eating.. guess You will need to check the site out if You are interested.. just google.

    Gosh I hope that You are getting some relief from the heat tho.. I am so thankful and so blessed that I have 2 air conditioners.. it cools down my whole mobile home.. pretty good.. Today I didn't go anyplace but stayed home but yesterday in Ithaca NY.. it was 107 around 3:15.. just way too hot ..
    Keep cool and again.. Thank You ever so much for your help and suggestions with the different foods.. Sending big gentle Hugs,

    I also want to add.. the inflammation around my left rib.. is basically traveling around to the right side up my lower ribs.. so strange.. and sometimes when I move just right.. I feel like maybe something moves in between my shoulder blades and the middle of my back.. it always itches in that area.. .. I always thought that when something like that itches. it means it is healing.. but.. it doesn't seem to be.. and it feels like the muscle does something like spasms.. or .. its very hard to explain. lol.. Sorry but.. that is the best I can do to try to explain it.. but again.. Thank You for thinking of me..... [This Message was Edited on 07/22/2011]
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    Sounds like your doing everything to go in the right direction. Great job on the weight loss. I lost about 15 pounds a few months ago. When the weather cools down I plan to start walking again. I am not great on the vitamin D thing: New to that. Just learning about it myself. I saw Jam left a post though.
    I did have a thought as soon as you said "itch" in your back. I had an itch in the middle of my back for about a year. I finally found out it was do to nerve damage. As soon as I started taking cymbalta that itch finally stoped. What a day that was. I was so happy. It drove me crazy for so long and then stopped in just a few days on cymbalta! By the way, nothing else including pain meds (if you are on any) did not work on that itch permanently. They would numb it for a little while but it always came back until the cymbalta

    It maxed out at 104 with a heat index of 119 yesterday. So far this morning the humidity is terrible. I tried to go out just now, but thats it, I am in for the rest of the day.

    I have been on a smoothie kick: Yogurt and what ever fruit we have. Tastes great and helps with the heat. Fills you up to so I am maintaining new weight without walking.
    I have heard great things about carrot juice so that should be good for you, and I know celery is good for blood pressure.

    Great to hear from you, stay cool if you can (one more day of 100+ for me. Don't know about upstate NY). Speak to you soon


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