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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mrdad, Nov 1, 2006.

  1. mrdad

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    Hello Shannon!
    A note of apology to you as for some reason I did not
    see your Post addressed to me of the 24Th of Oct. I know
    now why, because I wasn't on the Board much at all that
    day as I had an important commitment the next morning.

    Hope you are feeling pretty well. I do always get a wide
    smile on my face when I see a Post or a contribution on
    one from you! Have you b een in touch with Luxeria on the
    Board. She is in Ontario an about your age! She seems
    creative and very nice. Has her own site on another Web.
    You may be very familar wiff her already! There seem to
    be many young folks on the Board and a lot from Canadia.

    Have ya been doin' any "window shopping" on the Webs for
    collectibles. Post cards etc. can be fun as they get you
    to places frozen in time! Do you have friends stop in to
    see you? I know it is so difficult to Plan for a time to
    be "Well" enough to committ time to People. How are the
    Doctors doing with your illness? Anything positive comin'
    up in ways of suggestions? For me, it makes it hard to
    know what Avenue(s) to pursue. We do have to experiment
    quite a bit I suppose.

    Did you see the Movie(s) Pirates of the Carribean? The
    ship from that movie the "Black Pearl" is in San Francisco
    Bay docked for "Open House" for a week. But it's on the
    East side of the Bay so don't think I'll get over there
    to see it. May see it when it leaves the Bay again under
    the G.G. Bridge! Did your Dad go to school in San Jose?
    I know you have a link to that Town from what you told

    Give me a "write" when ya can, Shannon.
    Thinking of Ya!
    JOE aka MRDAD

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  3. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Thank you my Board friends! (Bored friends?) ANYWAY


  4. Shannonsparkles

    Shannonsparkles New Member

    You got the message! (clapping) Thanks for the reply. I've been too zonked to write much today, so I've been going throught the archives and printing out my favorite posts. I collect them into a binder.

    I just wrote a little note to Luxuria. Thanks for the heads up.

    The most marvelous thing happened yesterday. I played Scrabble with Dad. The best word was "aquatics."

    The ND found out that I'm really low in some amino acids, since I can't digest protien. So she's got me on some amino acids and omega oils. No huge changes. But I can stand up for a few minutes each day to cook something, and I don't want junk food as much. Last week I had a SHOWER! It was great.

    I haven't been window shopping online, but a few catalogs came to my door. One offered to sell me "Bably's First Remote Control." Not for MY baby! (if I had one) Another had something about a sweater sale.

    Mom grew up in San Jose. I heard from some relative that her high school had gaurds with guns in it, but I hope they were making that up.

    Too tired to write more. Keep the porchlight burning. :)
    ((love)) Shannon
  5. mrdad

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    It's great to "see" you! I love to play Scabble too! My
    "OlD Squeeze" is really good at it as she is very intell-
    igent, well read and does lots of crossword puzzles every-
    day! I cut them out of my local San Francisco Newspaper
    and save them for when she comes down. I almost "beat" her
    once (I mean in Scabble) but she got me by 4 Points!

    I use to have a neighbor and we each had a Scabble Board
    and would leave our next word on the answering mach. for
    the other to put on their Board! It was fun! Use to try
    not to "challenge" her too often as she was "nice' to
    look at and wanted to keep her around! If ya know what
    I'm sayin'?

    If those were "armed guards" at the school in San Jose
    your Mother went to, did they wear white and black long
    robes? May have been from the same Rel. Order as SMG?

    My Son (26y.o.) is up there in Montreal visiting a friend
    he worked with here in S.F. Anxious to get his impress-
    ion of the Area as I'm sure it is very beautiful. He took
    the Train from N.Y.C.

    Have you been "baby sitting" as of lately? Those little
    ones have so much energy! But they can be so cute without
    even trying! Well, I'd better let ya go for now or I'm
    gonna' wear us both out! Hope the new supps. continue
    to help you a bit.

    Huggles for now,
    JOE aka MRDAD

    P.S. Have ya been tested for Lyme? Just curious.
  6. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Thanks my friends.

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