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    Thank you for replying to my post. You said you work for a large work at home company doing medical transcription. Who is this company and are they only in your state. I've only heard about working for dr's. Not sure I have enough cognitive abilities to learn something like that now. I'm so sleepy all the time but I suppose it might be the depression setting in. Anything you can tell me will help. If ya hear of anything else I might can do at home let me know.

    Take care,Keke
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    I work for a company named Sph--is. You can easily look it up, I think. We have people all over the world working. It can be hard to get started, but I do like the work. Am just having a hard time with body,etc. so not making production for nearly a year, took intermittent FMLA and now am work hardening again trying to get up to speed.

    You need to have a good command of the English language and writing skills, and they might train you for the medical part. If you have medical training, this is very helpful, as you need to know extensive anatomy and terminology. Hope this helps!