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    Hi Munch:

    I wondered if you would tell me if Dr. C in MO is good at dealing with the other aspects of this illness, such as hormones, mitochondrial support, and nutritional support, etc.

    Please let me know...

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    For fatigue he uses methylcobalamin (B12) or cyanocobalamin shots. I was on oral B12 per Rich's GD-MCB protocol so I didn't think shots would help any more than the orals. I've been amazed as to how much the shot have helped me. I don't have any fatigue or FM pain anymore.

    He is also into D-Ribose. You can try a spoonful in the office to see if it helps. I'm intolerant to corn so I took a pass on this after trying Corvalen-M via FFC. I had a bad experience with that.

    He's very good with hormones. I knew I needed HGH because my IGF-1 was low. I was frustrated that the FFC doc I was seeing would not prescribe it for me. He does require a 24 hour urine test for hormones. That shed some light on my hormonal status so I was glad I did the test. I was able to get my insurance to cover the HGH.

    Do you know if you have hypercoagulation? If your Sed Rate is below 5 chances are you do. Heparin was wonderful for me.

    Dr C is big on an alkaline diet and cutting out junk foods. He also is a fan of the nightshade free diet but I'm not giving up spuds and tomatoes.

    He does not push supplements like the FFC did either. They are there if you are interested and you can pass on them if you are not.