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    two miracles in 5 days! I was so happy to share with you all that on Friday the 14th, at the end of the day my son received his NON-DEPLOYABLE ORDERS. Adam, who has all of the medical problems, but was still activated to go to IRAQ ~ and scheduled to leave today for all the training (and serve as ANGR back-up to the special forces Marine Unit - right out their in the wide open, kicking in doors)is so thankful to all of the prayers from all of you!

    Miracle #2 came yesterday at my ALJ HEARING when I found out that I was finally being approved for Disability (FMS, numerous disc problems, incontinence, etc.) It took my attorney and my counselor to look me directly into my eyes to convince me that nobody can change the Judges decision.
    Even I understood the significance when the Vocational Rehab Speciialist told the Judge that there were no jobs in this country that could accommodate my multiple disabilities.

    Obviously my son's health and safety were my first concern,
    but to finally get approved for SS Disability after 14 months is just an absolute blessing to us financially.

    Thank you to all of my Angel Prayer Warriors!

    God Bless all of you!
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    I am so happy for you. God is good. Now I will continue to pray for son #2 that God would put just the right people in his life. In His Love, caj
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    I'm rejoicing with you, Praise the Lord ! !

    There is certainly great power in prayer.

    Blessings, Judy <a href='' target='_blank'><img src='' border=0></a>
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    to God and His son. Although I usually am found on the FMS/CFIDS Message Board I promise to keep myself well-rounded and come back here to give back what all of you have given to me ~ the miracle of prayers!

    I wish I could hug everyone of you in thanks for your prayers.

    God Bless all of you!
  5. NewEnglander

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    I am very happy for you
    I'm glad the Lord was there for you in your time of need and I pray that things will continue to go your way
    Love Lisa
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    Thank you for sharing these reasons to rejoice. Here about answered prayers are such a wonderful encouragement. It stirs up our faith and renews our hope.

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    That is such good news. I believe very strongly in the saying "Expect a miracle". God is so wonderful.