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Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by bandwoman, Nov 26, 2006.

  1. bandwoman

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    Hi all,

    I am sorry that I didn't get a chance to respond to some of you. I am using my mom's webtv to do this and when we are watching a movie as we have been the last couple of nights I am unable to get on the board.

    I am on my way home today so will respond to you when I get back. It has been gorgeous weather here for Novemeber. I love it. I have been having my sunroof on my car open which is unbelievable for this time of year.

    I did get to read some posts this morning. So we need to set a date for our slumber party. So Cath, if my juicer is not allowed then I guess I will go back to my old ways when I actually ate sugar and bring the chocolate chip cookies, fudge and some carrot cake (it has carrots, you know so maybe not allowed.) LOL

    We all have to laugh a little or all we would be doing is crying and that is no fun!

    I need to get going so will talk to you all later. Thanks for your prayers and you all have mine as well. I will be hitting the road today around 2 so could you some travel mercy prayers. This weekend is always a traffic nightmare.

    Take care and talk later.

  2. caffey

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    Nancy: Did you know that carrot cake is a complete meal. It has something from all the food groups.
    CARROTS- veggies
    RAISINS- fruit
    NUTS- protein
    Cream Cheese-Dairy
    If you don't believe me go and talk to the server at Second Cup(like Starbucks) in our town and he will tell you the same thing. LOL!!!!!:):):). Also chocolate comes from a cocoa bean which is a protein. So we can have the cookies and chocolate fudge. You can bring your juicer if we can put ice cream ( a dairy) in it for smoothies. Made you you laugh EH?
    Love ya
  3. windblade

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    Praying for you to have Traveling Mercies on your drive home. It will be so good to have you back.

    Love, Judy
  4. bandwoman

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    for your prayers. They were answered. I did really well on the trip home. I didn't have my usual fighting to stay awake routine. That is always a fear of mine when I travel and is a problem when it starts to happen.

    I had a great long weekend with my family. This is the second time without my Dad and as I look back on last year with everything being the first it was so much better. I dreaded the Holidays last year because of the strangeness and weirdness of it all without my Dad.

    My mom is doing very well after a very tough year. They had been married for 58 years. When I left today she tends to get depressed but my sister was there doing some stuff for her so she wasn't alone when I left which was good.

    I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and it is good to be back on the board on my own computer.