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    i want you to know that i appreciate all of you and your input. i still have those ear infections. the doc put me on a antibiotic by mouth and a new ear drop. they are still very painful, but i think the ear infection is clearing up.

    next week i see the pain specilist and i am working on a list of questions and needs. i just hope he don't accuse of being a pill seaker. i got this again last week. i said that my ears were killing me. doc said to deal with it and take tylenol. yea, right that don't touch anything. as you all know to well.

    i hope you all are doing well!!!
  2. ladybird1

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    I wish the disbelieving doctors could be magically inflicted
    with some if not all our problems and see what they say then.

    I will pray that the pain specialist will provide you some relief and will help with all your pain.

    Good luck