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Discussion in 'Transfer Factor' started by dancingnut, Apr 23, 2004.

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    Hi all, thanks for your wonderful support here in the TF department. As I shared on the board, I had a setback and took too much TF too soon. My son is in Air Force boot camp in Texas and I realized today that I cant handle TF and him there too. I feel like an over-emotional mom here, but I love my boy SO much and my grief is immense. His graduation is May 21, so I decided today to put off TF til after our trip to Texas. I cant handle both things right now. I was putting too much pressure on myself to get the TF in my system before I went to Texas, but because of my emotions (since I cant talk to him hardly at all and feel bad that he is struggling with this huge change), I am going to deal with TF later, and just have to accept that I cant handle more than 1 every 3rd or 4th day for awhile. Thats unbelievable to me, but just where my body is. I guess my immune system is pretty sensitive.

    Anyway, I definitely will be checking back in with ya all, cuz this board means so much to me. But the TF has to wait for awhile. I am disappointed,

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    Thanks for letting us know what is going on with you Donna.
    I personally think you have made a very wise decision.
    It is smart to know when to postpone our treatments if there is too much on our plate. The main goal is to help our bodies get better and sometimes that requires stepping back.

    I understand the disappointment too. I thought I'd be taking the full dose (3 caps) daily by now. I just can't seem to handle it. I am staying on 2 caps and once in awhile when I feel like getting sicker hehe... I take 3.

    Yesterday I accidentally ate some cereal with almond flour which is a big NO NO for me. I spent the day with migraine type symptoms and felt so bad... head splitting and nauseated. My head and stomach are still sore today but am way better than yesterday. That will teach me to read labels more carefully!

    Yes, it sounds like your system is very sensitive and you do need to listen to it not go by brochures or other people's experiences. Don't get me wrong as I think it does help to share our experiences but everyone responds so differently to TF or anything else for that matter that you must go by how your own body reacts. Personally I could not take Essentials as it gave me a horrible brain swelling splitting headache and nausea so I just felt horrible. I tried the 4Life Plus TF also and it did the same thing. So far ImmuneCare 64 is the only one that doesn't make me sicker than a dog. Just sorta sick but not so miserable I cannot function plus I also have a sense of wellness & strength that I didn't get from the others. I don't understand why different TF's give me different reactions but there is a definite difference.

    I hope things get better for your son as he adapts to this new environment. My brother went through the AF bootcamp in Texas but this was back in the 70's. We wrote him letters all the time and sent him cookies, etc. He did eventually get use to it all and your son will too. It is just tough at first and in some ways harder on you worrying about him. I have two grown sons and I know how we can worry our hearts over them. Fortunately mine are married with kids now and living a routine life. It is so much harder when they are single and finding their way in life I think.

    Well, Donna, do what is right for you. Keeping your system balanced as much as possible for the upcoming trip is a smart idea. Traveling will have its own challenges I'm sure so you need to be in tip top shape as much as possible. Stay rested and drink lots of water okay! Let us know how you are doing and how the trip goes when you can.

    Bless you and your son.
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    You are so kind. Thank you for your support. Just what I needed to hear this morning. I am drained from my emotions today, and running from them to. Been doing too much, talking too much, crying too much. So today is a somewhat down day and lay low. (We got my son's first letters on Saturday which they wouldnt let him mail til the 19th. A real heart wrenching thing to read. Ive been in knots. But a call last night, he left a message, that he's doing alright and earned privilige to call home so I guess he's making the grade so far, made me feel more relieved). Now my body is saying, oops we are pooped.

    So thanks all, and yes, I will be giving TF ago again after my trip.

    P.S. check out my bio and you'll see a pic of me with my boy the night before he left April 5th.[This Message was Edited on 04/26/2004]
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    Thought I'd check in tonight to see if you had posted.
    I did go to your profile and saw the pic of you and your son. You are beautiful people! You both have such love light in your eyes I could almost feel the love you two have for each other. Very special.

    Reading your profile I now realize that you have had the disadvantage of not having a supportive spouse. I really respect you for pulling all the weight alone. There are so many wonderful ladies on this board that are also single. I admire all of them and don't know how you all do it alone. My hubby has been my lifesaver through this picking up the slack whenever I can't do something. I imagine your son was quite a help to you when he was home. He looks like such a descent person. Our sons are good guys too.

    I hope you will keep positive thoughts as you plan your trip and enjoy the adventure. It will be wonderful for you and your son to have a happy reunion. I'm sure you will find the time to go by quickly so cherish each moment together. Glad that my words helped you today. This board has meant a lot to me too.

    I couldn't believe how great I felt this afternoon. I spent a couple of hours outdoors walking my puppy and trimming some trees, etc. I really felt like a normal person. I think this TF is really going to help me in time to get back to normal. At least that is what it seems like today. hehe. You know how it goes....Up than Down ... over and over again. Roller coaster ride. Well, I am enjoying this UP moment to the fullest.

    Keep on dancing lady.
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    Thanks for letting us know what is going on. What a great son you have...I know it is agony for you to go through this. One of my son's friends has just finished the AirForce boot camp in Texas. It was run,run, run, run, run. I would be a basket case but his mother has held up (on the outside ok). He is now an MP and guarding some airplanes in the US.

    Take care of yourself...we care!

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    Thank you so much for this wonderful internet support. Celticladee, I want very much to snag a man, tired of being alone with the money problems and car problems, which has been thrown in for me lately as well.

    I have found so much comfort, joy and connectedness and belongness via my son, without him knowing how much it means to me with this DD, kids have no idea how hard this all is for us, but his Light has kept me going all these years. I miss him terribly.

    Im so glad you are feeling better Celtic and when my eyeballs arent rolling around in my head like this little icon, cuz Ive feel like that, just not grounded at all and drained, I will get back on track with TF too.

    Thanks too Spacee, you continue to be a help to me.

    I love you all, and I hardly know you!!


    ANNXYZ New Member

    Do not be disappointed in your self for taking it slower.
    There have been times in the past ( many) when the allover body discomfort and weak feeling put me to the verge of tears. I would feel extra emotional and enormously frustrated because I would be falling behind on simple things that needed to be done and would feel overwhelmed .
    Donna, there is something I read in my literature from Immunity Today , where I purchased my immune care 64 .
    ( It is a formula that contains live virus for the 3 most common viral pathogens w/ CFS - EBV, HHV6, and CMV. )
    They did studies using TF that was targeted for specific pathogens and TF that was basic colostrum without the live virus . The patients who took the plain TF without the antibodies for the viral pathogens did not demonstrate improvement in NK cells , nor did they have a reduced viral load. The patients with the targeted formula showed documented improvement in these areas .
    There is an excellent little book written by Dr Brewer that you can buy (very cheap) that explains the role of reactivated chronic infections that is an eye opener ( in my opinion) for most of us . It is sold thru Immunity Today . They also send literature that covers the statistics of the studies done with TF . You might call and ask for it as they are nice and helpful.
    It might be worth trying a targeted formula of TF at some point in the future or at least READING the studies comparing results of TF that has specific antibodies , and TF that has none.
    I may not be totally accurate but there was a striking difference in the outcomes of the patients ( I believe 68%
    of the patients on the targeted formula showed some improvement , whereas very FEW of the others on the plain formula evedenced this).
    I am NOT a medical professional , but I think the literature might be helpful to you .
    The phone for Immunity today is 1 888 217 2200.