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    How are you doing with the forearm crutches? You are lucky your bf thought they were cool. Mine had the opposite reaction. I was only 26 when I got mine and naturally it was very embarrassing at first, but I got over that quickly. I used to use them just on bad days, but any more I use them all the time. Even on good days, I feel safer with the crutches and my legs don't get so tired if I walk a long way. My social life is actually better with the crutches since I can go out with friends without worrying about my legs giving out.

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    actually I haven't been using them my back doc told me to use them if I was limping cuz it will throw my back off more.I have alot of problems with my sciatic nerve that started when I was 12 and some stupid boy pulled me off my porch which was about 8 feet high right onto the cement. I never relized that was when it happened and went to a million docs who could find nothing wrong and told my mom I was faking to get out of gym class yeah let me tell ya I just was such an actress falling to the floor and crying stupid doctors.I connected it later. I know in the future I am going to have alot of problems walking and it really scares me right now the only thing keepin me going is cortisone injections and they don't even take away all the pain just keep me walking I know in the future I will be using them more. And yeah I feel embarrassed of them but at least if I was using them I would mpot get the looks using my handicap plate. Even if I don't feel awful I always hold my back gettin out of my car cuz I'm so concios of the fact that I look ok but I know if I park a mile from walmart I won't have the energy to walk around that place is as big as a city and I can never remember where stuff is or always forget something so I have to do more walking.

    As far as my bf he prob only thought they were cool cuz I was using them only while my back is hurt but I dunno I thought he was gonna be embarrassed of my handicap spot at our apt and he ws cool with that it's hard cuz I'm 30 he's 24. so he's younger and I think it makes it harder. also his mom has fibro and ehlers danlos so he has a 50 percent chance he has ehlers danlos according to the genetics guy his 19 year old brother just got diagnosed with osteoperosis alng with his mom one cousin who is 19 and another who is 25

    He won't get checked he said he'd rather not know I have been with him for awhile and he saw how getting diagnosed changed me it became a part of me how can it not and his mom too I don't know if he is scared or does not want it to define who he is I don't know what we will do because if he has it eventually he will feel like shit and how will we take care of each other. also we have a daughter and just found out about all this so she is at risk it sux

    sorry to go off subject I will keep in mind what you said cuz eventually those crutches will become a part of my life thanx for writing to me I'm here if you ever wanna talk more do u ever go into the chat rooms??-your fibro friend Kim

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