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    Thanks Nancy 11/29/06 05:16 AM

    For posting that whole article. I thought it was to important to wait.

    I just had an out pt. procudure done of a 2 nerve blocks and well I was not able to sit to long, I am in pain and was trying to stay awake long enough to do it.

    Thanks for doing that for me.

    I really think it can help some and some it just is not for them.

    Me it is possible. I am still having emotional issues with my brother's death. 3 years

    Of course I still get reminders constantly everyday by different things that are beyond my control.

    I will have a reminder till the day I die of the killer of my brother. Unless he tell us he is sorry and ask for our forgiveness.

    Our justice system is so slow and very disappointing to me.

    Maybe one day that will change and I guess I need to be focusing on that and how to change it.

    I thought theses condition we have here were more important though to put my energy into.

    Well enough from me...wishing you all pain free days ahead!!!

    Love ya,

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