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    I'm truly very sorry about your cousin. That is a terrible story.

    I wrote an essay about this topic earllier this evening, which I will bump up to the top. If you have comments, please let me know.

    I plan to post this essay in the event that I offer any suggestions about nutritional supplements or herbs in the future. (By the way, I used the Xanax/kava kava example before I read your post about your cousin.)

    I also will post the Mayo Clinic's list of drug interactions any time I post about nutritional supplements or herbs in the future. I'm going to take out the warnings at the top, however, since I think they make the idea of taking any herbs whatsoever sound like a very bad one.

    The Mayo Clinic is a very conservative institution on this topic, and I do not agree with their stance on this issue.

    (In addition, I have yet to forgive them for noting just a few years ago in their Family Health Care book (or some such name) intended for laypersons that CFS is not a real disease and is likely psychological in origin. There was evidence at the time that this was not the case. If they were not convinced by it, they should have left CFS out of the book completely rather than giving the public what doctors now agree was wrong information.)

    You can post their warnings at the top of the page as many times as you like, of course.

    I do not believe that never mentioning herbal remedies when they do help some people is a good solution, and so I do plan to give information on various information on herbs for whatever length of time I am on this board.

    It seems to me that the mere instruction to "consult your doctor" is not an optimal solution to this problem. It will do some people no good (since many doctors don't know about herbal side effects or anything else about herbs), and will prevent other people from taking herbs that might help them (since some doctors will just give a blanket "No, don't do that"). Hopefully bumping up those two other posts and requesting in messages about the herbal supplements that the other posts be read before usage will solve the problem

    Xanax is a very potent drug, and it seems to me irresponsible for the doctor who prescribed it not to have stressed that it can have a variety of fatal interactions and that a consultation should be done if any other substances (including over-the-counter medications and nutritional supplements) were to be used with it. (For example, a mixture of alcohol and Xanax can be deadly too, as you know.) And, as stated, most doctors know little about herbs, and so many undoubtedly do not know to warn specifically about such things as the Xanax/kava kava interaction.

    Of course, doctors today are very overworked. They also often do not have the need to warn patients of drug interactions or side effects stressed often enough in medical schools. It is not entirely right to blame them either.

    Again, I'm extremely sorry about your cousin and now understand why you feel so strongly about this issue. Thank you for sharing this information with us.

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