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    Since you live in the same area, I was wondering which Rheumy you went to.

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    I go to Howard Feinberg in Ashland. Samuels used to be in with Feinberg and then he went out on his own. When I was in the hospital years ago, he came in to see me when Feinberg was out of town.

    Feinberg believes you, but thinks the answer to fibro is all in finding the right drug to help you sleep and exercise.
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    Feinberg is the same on the sleep stuff .... he has me taking Zanaflex. However, he will not give anything for pain -- not even Ultracet. He had me go to physical therapy. He believes that if you get into a regular exercise plan, after the initital pain is gone, that you will feel much better and not need any pain medicine.

    He did give me a shot in my shoulder a few months ago, but it was for the arthritis in that shoulder.

    I heard that they split because they did not agree on treatments.

    I guess Feinberg is OK; however, every time I go, I wait at least 2-3 hrs. in the lobby and then another hour in one of the exam rooms before I get to see him. I'm worn out by the time I leave there! He doesn't really do anyting for me that my primary doc doesn't do; however, my primary doc just thinks I need to also be seen by a specialist (Rheumy) because I have lupus, arthritis, and fibro.

    What a small world!

    Have a good day! :)