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    I was reading your response and you mentioned the neruo said you were having TIA's. I've been tested also the past few months becuase I was not convinced what I was experiencing was fibro flare. doc looked at MRI and seen scattered foci but said it was not MS lesion and not concerend over stroke possibilites or TIA's. I was having same symptoms. I would like to know how the doc knew you were having TIA's? Tests? MRI? How is he treating you? Some docs, blow off the MRI readings and tell you its nothing to be concerned about and alot of older people have scattered foci in there readings. I had episodes of severe headaches, severe muscle pain, confusions and dizziness (walking like a drunk). They only lasted a couple of hours but wree on and off for months. The headaches, muscle pain and disorientation went on for about 8 weeks. Had two episodes of severe dizziness and paralysis in my legs once which lasted a few minutes.
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