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    Thanks for taking time to write to me, i wanted to reply as we have something in common, alcoholic parents. I was raised between Kuwait and London along with my 2 brothers,one of which is mentally and physically handicapped as my mother was drinking heavily during the pregnancy. I wonder if the alcohol consumption during pregnancy can also cause things like FM. My parents died in their early sixties due to alcohol,i was lucky i was not abused, just had to put up with their constant drinking. Needless to say i don't drink at all.
    Isn't this amazing ? We have a lot in common yet so far apart, New York and Corfu Greece. I look forward to further communication with you. By the way what's it like living in Brooklyn ? I have this romantic idea about it, and i love the accents !!
    I tried Prozac and it slowed my heart down too much, so i have to go back to the doc and find something else. I have this fear that i will not tolerate any drug,have to do loads of blood tests,again.
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    Yes, isn't wonderful having two alcoholic parents? Such abuse and we probably have loads in common because of this.

    I left home as soon as I got out of high school. I went to college and when I graduated began teaching 12th grade English in NYC.

    Like you, I do not drink. I had a a scare and I brought it to the board here. I started drinking some beer at night to help ease up the pain more. It got out of hand and the girls here mentioned that I should go to AA.

    Of course, I went and I stopped the beer, but the members wanted me to drop all narcotics given to me for pain. Needless to say I left the group and went to doc with the problem. A change of meds to something stronger was really the best option and he told me to always call him if I have anymore problems.

    Brooklyn Heights is nice and laid back. And I will never give up my house since I have been so happy here. Also the stores and bank are close by.

    Well, you certainly have an exciting life. I can only imagine how beautiful the areas you live in can be.

    I wish we could exchange e-mails, and I think there is a process here about using the moderators (or someone else)to manage that.

    My parents died in their 70s. Both were from cancer.

    Oh my: I am writing a book here.

    Yes, lets stay in touch.

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    bump (for Deb)
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