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    In answer to your question, I am not on any chemical medications for CFIDS/FIBRO or arthritis. I do take prescriptions for diabetes and hypertension. The reason is that I seem to be allergic to all the meds that kill pain, except for those that make me a zombie.
    I can sleep whenever I want to because I am retired, . I rely on herbs and supplements and teas. Usually, things are pretty livable.
    I do know about John and the two Teresas (Spanish and French). St. Therese is my patron saint and I feel close to her. In fact, I almost joined the Carmelites, when I was a teenager. I really feel closer, though, to St. Bernadette. If only I could retain some tiny measure of her sewwtness, I would be happy. She was outcast by her peers and suffered greaty from illness.

    Yes, this could the my "dark night of the soul". I just keep on going forwasd, as best I can.
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    I, too, became a Catholic late in life. I ws 14 when I decided to be baptized. Later, I joined the convent and was there for almost 20 years.
    Do you think you could be a third order Carmelite by long distance? They might have a program by which they could communicate with you, maybe even via e-mail. I have some Carmelite friends at the Carmel in Reno (If any town needed a monstery Reno does), and they use the computer. Maybe the ones near you do, too.
    Good luck and God bless.
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    Yes, I intend to see Mel Gibson's new movie, if only to judge for myself. I was dismayed to hear that it is taken literally from the Bible. After so many years of theology and phlosophical study, I have come to realize that being literal has nothng to do with the Eastern thinking process, and certainly didn't then, either. Ia am really curious, and am trying to go with an open mind. He is a lot more traditinal than I am.

    I noticed a big inaccuracy in the trailer which shows Christ's hand being nailed. Forensics has shown that he had to be naild through the wrist, as there are no cross-bones in the hand and the skin wold just tear. Tying a person to the cross, as is shown, is not according to Roman thought, either. Why tie someone to a cross and then pierce the palm? There is not enough suffering there to be a punishment, not in those days. Oh well, let's see what transpires. It could be that Mel, in his efforts to be literal, did not use his common sense. Judging from last night's interview with Diane Sawyer, he would not have considered using any modern interpretation or forensic conclusions. I am anxious to see the film.

    I am feeling better, though still holed up in my house with a sign on the door. I just don't want to see anyone. (Around here people just pop in without calling first), a charming but sometimes unwelcome country custom. (I'm newly moved to a small mountain town in California).

    Hope you are feeling better today, too.


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    Yes, I agree with you that Mel Gibson is really being perseuted regarding this movie. I really don't understand why, but the media is jumping all over him. Remember all the movies about Christ and the early Christians that were made in the late 50's and even later? The Robe, The Silver Chalice, Etc...... were all different and yet there was no media blitz. I thnk Mel is sincere and not racist and I just hope that enough people have the insight to understand that and once the movie is out, I hope the uproar just melts away.

    Well, we get cold, but not as cold as where you are. Brrrrr! We have been averaging 40 degees this winter. Right now it is raining in sheets and the forest looks so lovely! This is the first time I have lived in a place that has all 4 seasons. I really love the variety. for the fist time in my life I am haulng wood and preparing for snow. I have even learned how to make a fire.

    About three years ago I moved up here, having to find a place I could afford that had clean air. This little town of Pardise really is one, in it's beauty. There are lots of ponderosa pines and black oak, and in the spring the place is a fairyland of flowers. This is the first time I have ever seen so many dogwoods. The people are friendly and this is really a small town in every way.

    Take care, and happy lent.

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