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    Good Morning!
    I thought I'd start a post this time....hope you both had a nice Memorial Day weekend.

    We went to a Mem. Day service, then came home and finished planting basil and tomatoes. I'm hoping for a good garden this year....especially in the new greenhouse.

    My kids are ready to be done with school....I have 12 yr. old twins that I homeschool. We won't be done before June 8th, and even that is debatable! They need to work on their writing skills....but, they are boys who would rather play than write. So I'll be on them to finish their assignments. Wish me luck!

    Not much else new....I hope you and your families are well.
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    I had another recital last night- it went well. Then we rushed over to our boys' band concert. One of the twins plays trumpet, while the other plays clarinet. It was a long evening, with the two things going on. I wore my sparkly top, so I was definitely overdressed at the boys' band concert!

    My oldest son has had a lot of trouble with allergies lately. So much pollen this time of year, followed by hay mowing.....we have a lot of hay in the area. The allergies just make him miserable and more tired. He's going to try a different prescription, to see if it helps him any. I hope so.

    Linda, do you think your son and his girlfriend will get married? That would be exciting-

    Shirley- I hope your sister gets better and starts to do more.
    Hugs, Terri
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    Linda- my son has tried Allegra and it didn't help him. So far he's doing OK with Clarinex, so I guess we'll stick with that.

    They are making him work a bit later all the time- now he'll work till midnight tonight. But he seems to be handling it- just sleeps in in the morning. He was looking at a similar job with benefits, but I think swing shift would just about kill him. They would possibly want him at 6 a.m. (impossible) and work 4 hours, then back in the evening until 11 p.m.....he couldn't make it on so little sleep. So he'll stick with the job he's in now and hope they don't try to put him on graveyard. He told the boss he can't work all night, due to chronic fatigue, but I don't know if the boss (who is foreign) knew what he was talking about.

    Shirley, I hope your family is doing well. I believe it has been nice up in Alaska lately....I haven't talked to my daughter for a few days, so I think they have been outside enjoying the weather.

    Have a good day!
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    Shirley- I'll say a prayer for you to have less pain and more energy :)

    I've been worried about my dad this time. He suffers from diabetes and has so many drugs in his system that his system is starting to revolt. He's had blisters all over his arms and shin, so bad that they break open and he has to keep gauze wrappings over them. He and Mom are making a trip to Mayo clinic this weekend so he can get some help. Please say a prayer for them both.

    Take care, more later.
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    Sorry to hear of your illness- it must be bad for your hubby to take off work. Or he's really nice! What do you think you might have eaten?

    Today or Monday will be my homeschoolers' last day. They are getting pretty antsy to be done, but we have some writing to go over and revise. Then I'll turn 'em loose!

    Do you remember that I mentioned another grandbaby was on the way? Well, she miscarried, so we'll have to wait a bit longer. I felt bad for her- she was so disappointed. Also so far away. I just wanted to give her a hug.

    Take care of yourself.
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    Nice to hear from you, Shirley. So nice you could go and help your sister.
    I'm looking forward to spending some time soon with my folks. Right now they are at Mayo, hopefully this week they will get some help for my Dad's diabetes. He's covered in blisters and so uncomfortable that he can't sleep at all. I found out that he quit taking his prednisone a few days ago, so his blisters got twice as bad as they had been. He is soooooo stubborn.

    Linda, I hope you will be feeling better soon. You are probably stuck in the house with the hot, Arizona sun. I'll pray for a quick rain shower! :)

    I just got finished baking a cherry rhubarb crisp- you two should come and join me!