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  1. victoria

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    Hola Rachel,

    Sorry I didn't see your message about Mazatlan until tonight, I was very busy and fatigued that week, and last week I was actually in Mazatlan!

    I just returned Sunday from 7 days in Mazatlan looking for a house! Loved it even tho Aug-Sept is their hottest/most humid time, felt like a steam bath, took 2 showers/day... but looking forward to the rest of the year when it doesn't rain, LOL!

    I was looking for a house - boy, it is very hard to find a first floor bedroom/full bath for my inlaws PLUS yard for our 4 dogs, but found a house that would work--

    now all we have to do is hope our offer will be accepted and that nothing kinks up closing on our house here - a lot of 'onlies" huh? LOL!

    So you were married there, wow! Must've been beautiful, and so romantic... were you married on the beach?

    So few people I know have even heard of Mazatlan, but perhaps that is because I live in Georgia... lots of ex-pats from Calif. and the northwest/west. I do know one lady from my local support group who heard me talking last spring about what we were planning and has ALREADY moved, is making it better there on her SSD than here.

    Yes, I guess it takes guts, but yes, the cost of living is much cheaper for everything, unbelievably so, esp for RXs. My friend from here had no problem in setting up her pain meds, altho she did take her medical records with her. Friend from here is able to afford meds, rents 2 rm efficiency in old hotel on waterfront, really cool place;

    there was also an article in Atlanta paper about a man with fibro who moved to Guanejuato (sp) (sorta near Guedelajara) because of finances - he and his wife can live there on his disability and pay for his meds and she doesn't have to work! - unlike in Tenn. where they came from. And there, in the mountains, it is basically springtime-like temps year round so don't need air cond. unlike Mazatlan.

    Lots of possibilities there for all kinds of activities, as many as you are capable of! And if you have kids, don't let it stop you... the realtor I'm working with moved there 17 years ago when his sons were 13 & 15, felt it was a good thing for them; grown-up kids totally agree now!

    all the best,
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    bump... bump...

  3. orachel

    orachel New Member

    I'll get back to you soon, I promise. Very interested in keeping up with your progress. Quite frankly, seems like an ideal option for my husband and I, especially in our current financial situation over my disability.

    Late now, and I'm exhausted. Will look you up asap...

    As to wedding, we were the first couple married in an open gazebo that extended out over the medit. sea. It was beautiful...just amazing. I didn't go "beachy" at all...I had a black tie wedding, and the combination of black tie attire and natural surroundings was really incredible. I arrived at the aisle in a horse drawn carriage driven by a guy in a sombrero. Really really incredible, and the resort was amazing. Plus, my husband loved that he could "legally" give cuban cigars to all of the guys there! LOL

    Can't wait to hear more about your impending adventure!!!
    Kind of a personal question...any idea what one would be looking at in terms of home costs/values? I live in property values are strong, but nothing like Los angeles or seattle...Kinda curious what a typical family home (ie: 4 ish bedrooms, 3000 sq feet kind of thing) would go for in that area.

    Also, how is your medical care? Do you find docs there are understanding and knowledgable about the DD?

    Thanks for all your help!
  4. orachel

    orachel New Member

    for victoria....Thanks!!!
  5. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Well -- I'm not there yet, waiting to close here on our house and then we can make an offer and proceed.

    Boy there are a lot of options in Mazatlan, kinda depends on whether you want to be in a gated community or in the city.

    And, prices are very varied!

    I have talked to 2 couples who for instance have bought what amounts to a 3 floor/3 flat in the city for only $35,000, are putting another $35,000 in it to completely rehab it into a signle-family home, sq footage will be about 1800-2000 I think, and for less than $100,000; and by being in the city they don't need a car as public transportation is excellent.

    there are some very nice 3 bdrm. homes right on the ocean, look for Delfin and Tranquilo, probably around 2000 sq ft + for something like $200,000, but don't expect much of a yard for even those in the gated communities unless you get a double yard.

    New house building is about $75/sq ft there, yards in gated communities are about $40,000 and up (but again are small). There are some very nice homes in a wide range of sq feet in a golf course development called El Cid, one sounds like it was in that sq. ft. range overlooking a pond in around $250,000 range, saw iguanas running around, pretty cool.

    The food is about 1/3 the cost if you stay out of tourist zones, there is also even Walmart and Home Depot and OfficeMax; I haven't seen a doctor there yet since I've only visited, but reports from ex-pats there say they've had no problem, many speak English anyway. It is possible to get their national health ins also with any of the FM-3 visas, just not tourist visa, and is about $400/year per person.

    The person I know from here that has fibro that is living there now had brought all her medical records, and didn't have problems getting her pain meds as a result... included morphine... so it is possible to get what you need.

    If you're really interested in the possibility, you ought to look on yahoo groups for MazInfo list, has several related sister sites as well, but that is the main one for good reliable info in general.

    I will be amazed and delighted and so happy if we make it there by Christmas! So much to do between now and then!

    all the best,
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  7. zerped

    zerped New Member

    I've been to Mazatlan three times in the last four years; met some friends I previously only knew through Internet. The most frustrating part of my CFIDS these last 3.5 years is the knowledge that when I was in MZT I felt ALMOST none of my symptoms. Whether or not I figure out all the whys, I plan on locating myself there after my settlement. Eight months there, four mo. in Portland would be ideal.

    On my first visit I met a local dentist. I may be remembering wrong, but I believe that to become a doctor or dentist, you need to know basic English. Either that or almost all the Dr.'s want to get American & Canadian patients.

    There's a large expatriot community in MZT. There's a weekly paper in English with news for the ex-pat's. A friend of mine there (retired teacher) has been living for a year in a nice apt. when a friend (native) said that she had a small apartment attached to the school she owns. My friend lives there now, 2.5 blocks from the ocean, no real view, but she pays only 600pesos each month (about $60)!

    One couple has built on a piece of land they bought, selling the huses for $250,000+. the great thing however, is that you open the sliding glass door in the living room and you are standing on sand/beach.

    I am totally in love with the place, so anyone who wants to pick my brain...please write (it may take a while to actually FIND any brain!).

  8. victoria

    victoria New Member

    it's true many doctors/dentists do speak English there......when my friend from here had a sinus infection, she went to the military hospital actually, was seen in 30 minutes, and wasn't even charged, doctor just told her what abx to get at local pharmacy (no rx needed);

    This was my 2nd visit, first time was 18 months ago in March, it was wonderful weather!; my husband has been there about 4-5 times now looking it over.

    Zerped, nice to know you felt so much better, I also have CFIDS...wasn't sure if I felt better or if I was just running on adrenaline, LOL, time will tell! My friend there also felt better with fibro, altho not all her symptoms disappeared.

    and rentals can be very cheap, altho I hadn't heard recently anything as cheap as you quoted, zerped; best I'd heard was a 2 bdrm apt a few blocks from ocean for $250/mo, guess there are all kinds of possibilities tho -- and they are slowly rising in cost of course.

    We were hoping to rent, saw good prices, but nobody wanted to rent to us with 4 dogs no matter how much we'd pay, LOL; thus our decision to jump and buy!

    Mazatlan Pearl, the newspaper for expats, said in the ost recent issue that there were about 5,000 expats living there, approximately 4,000 from USA and 1,000 Canadians. Those numbers didn't include the snowbirds from what I understood.

    Hmmm maybe we should start our own community down there...

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  9. orachel

    orachel New Member

    I really really appreciate it! Will look into it further at first sign of any extra energy. Sure sounds ideal. I'm a bit disapointed in home prices...thought they would be a bit less, but that's about what we paid for our home here, and if other expenses are much less, will still be cheaper to live in paradise.

    Thanks again!
  10. victoria

    victoria New Member

    do a search for Mazatlan Homes, Roger Culbertson... there are older homes with a lotta square footage comparatively much cheaper as well.

    Where I live now, Athens GA, is one of the cheapest housing markets in the US, actually listed as a place to retire because of it... but one has to realize that the cost of living is less in Maz overall, unlike here.

    It's fun to think about, I can't wait!
  11. orachel

    orachel New Member

    I'm much into older homes...with tons of character. I just see a gorgeous hacienda style home with flowering vines covering it....lovely spanish tiles (probably laid by my husband...we love fixing up old homes...esp when I am well enough to do some of the work!)

    Thanks again for the info!
  12. LittleBluestem

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    Mazatlan on vacation almost 30 years ago. I remember that the beach was lovely. We slept in huts on the beach. I don't remember much of a town, though. I have a feeling I would not recognize the place now!

    I'm copying your information. Since the DD has pretty well depleted my savings, I might eventually retire there.
  13. victoria

    victoria New Member

    You would not recognize it... the downtown is being revitalized -- as little as 10 years ago it was basically being abandoned and left to crumble, but now people are rehabbing. Don't think there are huts on the beach tho anymore...not rustic now! But you wouldn't have to go far to get that experience still.

    It is growing as well. But still cheaper than places like Puerto Vallarta ...Cruise ships stop there, and I hear the prices in the tourist shops are much cheaper than Acolpuco (sp) and PV, tourists are amazed.

    all the best,

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