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    Well I jsut came from the site from Dominie Bush, I loved it. Thank you so much for posting it to both ouch and "j" and kitty reading that letter was wonderful and now i know where to see it and more of them. All the stories are great. but the one of the spoon thinking on that ladys part. i put it as a fave. i still have to go through a whole bunch too. now i have to direct my mom to that site. well thanx again for posting that site. wish i knew about it sooner because i would have been apart of the letters being sent out. but im going to the one site to go to the congressman because people do go through hardships trying for ssd. i need to check it out to see if i can recommend it to social security support group. especially this one man who should have had it years ago. i get hot thinking about his situation. thanx again.