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    Hello, hope you are finding things to think about that give
    you peace in the midst of your suffering.

    I am reading all the posts about meds and came across one of yours dated 3/31/06. It was about Neurontin giving you migraines. Have the migraines stopped? I hope so!

    You were also concerned about your career. I'm almost afraid to ask how that is going. I hope all is not lost.

    My heart goes out to you. The pain and fatigue are so awful that it's next to impossible to work and keep the same pace you had before this horrid illness hit.

    I had to quit, I didn't have a choice. My husband and I went thru a very hard time until the disability came thru. I have to say that it was God that kept us. We were scared we would lose all we had but we didn't lose anything. We downsized our lifestyle and it was rough at times but we made it thru. I believe that you can too.

    Concerned about you,

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