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    Just saw your post yesterday. Yes, I started with Dr. Knapp and he was awful!! Strangest person Ive ever met. Then I went to Susan Jacobe and liked her but she moved out of state. Now Im with Victor Byrd at Baptist. Im having alittle problem with him and the pain meds but Im hoping we can get past this.

    I have a wonderful PCP and he has me trying cymbalta. I took one yesterday and it made me soooo sick! I called his office and left a message that I wasnt taking any more of that and his assistant called me this morning and they are going to give me cymbalta 30 instead of 60 and I had to promise I will try to keep it down and take it for 2 weeks and then try the 60 again. We will see.

    I will look for your posts and maybe we can keep up some with each other. Like Ive said, I go days or even weeks when I dont get on but when I do, I always go to my name in the search first and see if anyone has contacted me.

    Hope you have a pain free day.


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    Just saw your post this afternoon; it's been a killer day.

    I know what you mean about Dr. Knapp. I was referred to him by one of the doctors that I am associated with at Vanderbilt which is where I work. Dr. Knapp is, of course, THE fibro guru. I wasn't too sure of him after my initial visit, but he did set me up for sleep studies and gave me a new muscle relaxer (one that I'd never taken) that really seemed to help.

    He kept my PCP informed of my visits, of which I only had three. The third one basically sent me over the edge. I told my husband when I got home that all I wanted was for him to give me a loaded gun and then leave with our daughter because I couldn't stand the physical and emotional pain anymore.

    I managed to calm down over the weekend and composed a three page information sheet for my PCP. I always write down my questions/problems for my doctors because I tend to forget so easily. I used the same sheet that I had used for Dr. Knapp and added how our conversation had gone. I then faxed it to his office to read before I went for my appointment because I knew that I couldn't talk about it without falling apart.

    My PCP was so kind (he is anyway) and straight forward. We discussed what we would do to help me and I made sure that he knew that I wouldn't be going back to Dr. Knapp. My PCP has been my lifesaver. If it had not been for him, I would have lost my mind.

    I also talked with the Vandy doctor that referred me to Dr. Knapp and told him what happened and suggested that he might want to re-think sending anyone else to him.

    I didn't mean to use a total post talking about THE GURU and his wicked ways, but it still galls me sometime when I know that he's probably doing the same thing to others that he did to me.

    I've got to get out of the office for the day (OOPS) but hope to keep up our Nashville connection.

    Gentle Hugs,

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