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    hello pam ,,,,what is unlar neuropathy? and what are the symtoms? ,,thanks gmom ,,,also i have so much problems with my legs and thighs,,, feeling swollen and tight and real heavy but the have not found anything wrong,
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    Ulnar neuropathy is similar to carpal tunnel only it's in your elbow. It's when the "funny bone nerve" gets pinched, so you basically have the pain and tingling you would have if you hit your funny bone. Mine was all of the time, especially at night, until I just about couldn't use my arm anymore. That's when I decided on the surgery. I can still tell occasionally that I have a problem in my left arm if I touch or hit where the funny bone nerve is (it seems closer to the surface since they unpinched it) but it doesn't cause the continual pain that it did before. I've got a great neurosurgeon who also did a cervical fusion (C4-5-6) that also put me out of a lot of pain that apparently wasn't fibro-related. Hope this explains a little of what ulnar neuropathy is and will do.

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    Hello,Pam thanks for the reply ,,in 2003 i had my carpal tunnel surgery on my rt hand and they wanted to do my lt hand ,too but i refuse because it would of been to much for to handle ,i have so much problems with both of my hands,i was out of work for 4mons.9wks of hand therpy.but now i have real bad leg pain as soon as i sit for the first 20 mins. my legs feel cold and then tight and tingling and feel so heavy and as soon i get up and prop them up with pillow the pain began to feel better but i have so much twitching on the muscle,i can`t be just sitting all day i`ll drive crazy just sitting i`ve had so many test done i don`t have no clogs and circlution is good so i don`t know what i have ,,thanks for reply,,gmom
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