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    Pam if you don't mind me asking what kind of neurological stuff did you have going on? Were all your tests normal and what was the conclusion from doc. thanks cathie
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    When I started with this DD 4 years ago, I would have never suspected fibromyalgia! All my symptoms at the beginning were neurological in nature----tingling feet & sometimes legs (not numb, just tingly), twitching muscles all over my body, twitching toes, hands that feel hot & swollen (feel inflamed, but aren't,) a weird all-over low-level "vibration" throughout my body, sometimes having kind of a "drugged" feeling (but without taking any meds). It wasn't til later that I started having any pain & fatigue, and it has never reached the level that it has for some here on this board. Originally I worried about MS, lyme & Parkinson's (Parkinson's due to my toes twitching so visibly at times), so I had my entire spine MRI'd in stages, a brain MRI, spinal tap, much bloodwork. All tests normal, except a couple of bulging cervical discs-----then they tested THOSE by way of nerve conduction studies & found out what they had suspected: that those discs may give me neck & arm pain, but weren't responsible for the toes or tingling.....then I was sent to two rheumys (who tested everything else, for RA, OA, etc.) Finally the conclusion was fibro (and by that time, I had concluded that myself by researching about the large subset of us with FM who DO have these neuro symptoms, such as twitching muscles & tingling).

    It's good to have those tests, though, to rule everything else possible out. I had a neurologist who didn't believe in fibromyalgia & was pretty unsympathetic, but she DID do me a favor by testing for everything else she could think of based on my symptoms.

    It still took a couple of years for a diagnosis....and I still wonder sometimes. Good luck with your search for answers, let me know what you find out! It's such a hit-or-miss thing, sometimes you get a knowledgeable doctor, many times you don' wonder we're so frustrated!!

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