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    Hi Pam
    your from Mass, cool. I lived in another state too, Virginia for a year and my sister or should I say sista lives in Maine...
    I laughed when I read your profile about the jimmies. thats too funny. when I left home no one new what the heck jummies were. they call them sprinkles.. people tortured me everytime I said wicked. which I did a wicked lot. How do you say worchester, I say wista,. hey we don't have the accents, its the rest of the world that does. were the only ones who can say park the car the right way LOL. to the rest of country, just kiddin.
    Love Lisa
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    I say wista too. I actually made myself laugh at my own accent the other morning at the doc's office. I walked in by myself & she looked confused since I always have hubby by my side, so I said "Marc's parking the car"... and then I realized that I forgot to put any "R's" in that sentence! I lost a bit of the accent while living in CA, but it certainly came back!

    Anyway, what city are you in? I'm in Melrose.
    Do you have a good doc? I found a great doc when I moved back. Her treatments have helped me improve so much during the past year. I'm still getting IV treatments weekly, but without them I'm basically bedridden, so I'll continue while we keep trying other things. I like to feel like I have at least half a brain since we just bought a house & we're in the process of remodeling (making lots of decisions!). It would be pretty funny when I start to feel better if I questioned my choices & colors that were decided when I wasn't feeling well. ha, ha!! I can just see myself saying "what was I thinking?!"

    If this post goes too much off the CFS/FM topic, we'll have to move it to the chit-chat board.

    It's so nice to meet you!

    take care,