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  1. klutzo

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    I've been following your use of Cytolog with interest. My husband has very bad OA that is interferring with his work.
    I just received a huge packet from Lifestar, one of the marketers of Cytolog, in which they include studies showing it can help arthritis, esp. RA, but also OA.
    They also talked about a case of "fibromyalgia rheumatica" that completely resolved, but in reading about it, I realized the person had polymyalgia rheumatica with an ESR or 67, and did not have fibro at all. This made me wonder how many other mistakes might be in their literature.
    Do you know anyone else besides yourself who is taking it? If so, what are their results?
    Are you still getting results only in the sinus area?
    It seems awfully expensive to me, but he is desperate for help.
    Also, what brand of OLE would you recommend? I know the strength is important, and am thinking that the other time I tried it, I may have had a brand that was not strong enough. As we all know, supps. are not standardized and many contain no active ingredient at all!
    Any info appreciated.
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  2. Plantscaper

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    is suppose to be the Seagate brand, which was indicated as the best, according to the book, Nature's Antibiotic by Morton Walker..

    However, I could not afford that next choice has been OLE by Planetary Formulas...It is suppose to have all the necessary components of the whole leaf..However, the dosage for each tablet is 825mg and I had to work up to that much higher dosage level, but the tabs can be easily broken in half if needed..

    Feel free to express your critique...

    Hope it helps you,
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  3. PatPalmer

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    Yes, it is expensive but damn good stuff...

    I took it for 3 wks in all and can`t explain the inner energy it gave me after a week or so, - felt I had to come off because I was only sleeping 5 - 6 hours a night and was literally going to wear myself out.
    My symptoms were mild in comparison to your husband so I hadn`t as much to overcome.

    After stopping, the sinus returned 30% for a few days but has now almost completely gone again. - Must be down to all the garlic & onions I guess...

    My energy levels have also lowered too - sleeping late aft but only need 10-20 mins on average,- was usually 2 hrs!
    But my working day is still a HUGE improvement on how I used to feel.

    Dawn my daughter took Cytolog for 4 wks - she says she has lost the inner energy that Cytolog gave her and feels heavy again. She has only just started on the Green Tea, Digestive Enzymes & Flaxseed Oil etc. agenda that I embarked on 6 wks ago, to see if it helps her too.

    I gave the remaining fluid in the two pumps to my parents - it only lasted 3 days but they both had an improvement of symptoms. Father has OA and said he didn`t feel dizzy on bending over and my Mother has had a swollen stiff elbow for over a year and had much more movement in that short time!

    So we`ve had plenty of Guinea Pigs to practice on and the general consensus is a thumbs up.

    I have tried to purchase some more Cytolog but my supplier is waiting for delivery - GREAT! - isn`t that just typical...

    I am very hopeful this will help your Husband too, The OLE I took was by Solgar 225mg. But if you buy a brand of anything recommended by Pro Health - you can`t go wrong.

    Be thinking of you & Hubby, and hope to hear good news soon.

    Love Pat.

  4. klutzo

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    I have noted your recommendations and will follow up on them.
    My husband has had serious problems with his MVPS, and is having them again. His heart rhythm is totally out of whack and we are afraid he might have to have another cardioversion. If he does, this will be his third one. This is taking precedence over doing something about his arthritis, since it needs to be fixed now.
    Amazingly, he is still working, but I don't know how he does it.
    Thanks again for all your info.
  5. klutzo

    klutzo New Member

    Just read the pdf file on olive leaf extract at the Seagate website.
    It sounds very impressive if true.
    Compared to what I've spent on some other dead ends, $30 for 90 caps of Seagate OLE is nothing. That is only about 17 days worth, but 2 bottles ought to be enough to know if it will work or not.
    I will ask my Holistic doc if she thinks this would be a good idea. It seems a much cheaper and more efficient way to find out if a pathogen is part of my problem or not. My gut feeling says not, but I am open to trying.
    Since OLE lowers blood pressure, I'll have to make sure I am not taking too much BP medicine. Due to the new much lower guidelines for BP, my regular doc just doubled my dosage, and has turned me into a zombie. Good thing I only took 1 1/2 times my prior dose to see what it would do to me.... it lowered my BP to 96/68! I can't function like that, and I look like a dead person, so back to my previous dose I go, guidelines or not!
    Thanks again for great info.
  6. PatPalmer

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    Thanks for that, it`s difficult when mixing meds with nats, very wise consulting your Holistic doc first - let us know what he/she says. Good luck.

    Love Pat.
  7. Plantscaper

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    I have wanted to know if it would make a big difference..