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    HI Ya'll ... Just noticed the questions ....

    Patientnurse: Keeping in mind I take Provigil and not Adderall, my rx meds protocal is: Tramadol 2 every 4-6 hours, singulair and flonase for CFS allergies, en-tab for fluid in inner ears ... balance and Maneire's (sp), flexeril 5mgs ( but I don't take it often and then usually 1/2 tab ... it works beautifully, I just can't take being sleepy),lunesta, Provigil 1-2 tabs daily is directions but varies.

    I added the provigil next to last. I don't take AD's so I really don't have any info for you on that. Many people combine adderall am with a sleep rx and a hugh number of us take tramadol. If I were looking into the possibility of taking adderall and prozac, I'd start my search in just that way. Key those in the google box and go from there. A ton of "how does drugs work" and "how they mix" is out there. You can trust your instincts and intelligence on this ... I love my doctor, but I don't budge without doing my own critical thinking.

    Ask yourself what your goal is ... what outcome do you hope to gain with this rx ... how is taking two specific rx'es going to help you obtain your goal?

    Primemrob: I became interested in neurotransmitters and balance a while ago. I started with natural medicine books and just took off. There are tons of websites that can lead you in the right direction. I can't print any here due to ProHealth's guidelines, but you mentioned dopamine. Put that in search along with balance and natural health. Also you can type in neuros and see what comes up. I don't mean to sound vague, but it is a hugh area.

    I can tell you that last night I took a rare 5mg flexeril for severe female cramps. This morning I am quiet, less inclined to smile and laugh, and more serious. I'd bet money that while I snoozed, flexeril stole some dopamine! LOL I found a very long list of things that deplete neuros and flexeril was specifically named... not just the rx classification, ie muscle relaxers.

    AD's are going to deplete them too. They prevent a certain neuro from being taken up, but they don't increase production of the neuro you need. Eventually, those will wear out ... that's why many AD's loose their effectiveness or need the dose raised. AD's have done wonderful things ... I just think some good thought needs to go into the decision of taking them.

    I don't know if this helped ya'll at all. It seems I only had enough information to create more questions. Good luck to both .... Post anything you might find interesting. I am always open to learn all I can.

    Take care,


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    My man is 58 and has had severe ADHD since he was a child. He tried many things, but the combination of adderall and prozac works well for him. It just took some time of trial and error to find the right dosages for him. He takes 2 adderall--one in AM and one in the afternoon. Takes one prozac in the AM.

    However, after a while he misses all the high-powered, manic energy and leaves off the prozac. I can tell the minute he isn't taking his prozac with the adderall. He goes like a race car, talks real fast, can't stay on task, is terribly impulsive, and drives me crazy.

    And, every once in a blue moon--he says he gives himself a "drug-free" adderall or prozac, and that is when I have to go visit my bestfriend for a couple of days until he goes back on his meds. He doesn't notice how radical he gets without his meds, but everyone else does for he is completely out of control.

    Best wishes to you, Carol....
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    Elsa, thank you for sharing your research. I felt educated and "armed" with enough info and testimonials from all the posts on this site when I saw my dr. today. He elected provigil for me over the adderal, and took a few minutes to review his books for drug interactions. No problems there of significance. He said that he had not used adderal for fatigue and daytime sleepiness before, but had seen success with provigil. I will start on it tomorrow (one tab of 200mg) and am excited to see how it goes. I think I will be able to tell if it disagrees with me. We are so sensitive to chemical change with this DD.

  6. elsa

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    I'm glad things went well with your appointment. I might suggest only taking 100mgs at first to see how you do. I'm guessing your pills are 200mg each, so breaking it in half could work. ( Mine are 100mgs w/ 60 ct for a month.)

    Not everyone has a problem with 200 right away, but I have noticed some here have. It is quite different going from barely being able to keep your eyes open to being "up". After the first couple of doses, you'll know exactly how it works.

    Sometimes I take 100mg when I wake and then 100mgs around 1pm. Then at times ...200 right off the bat. Some times not at all. Just depends.

    I hope it works well for you. I'm glad you have a chance for some relief.

    Take care,


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