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    Your post below about chest pain describes my chest pain to a T along with the throat and tounge problems. I really apprecited your post because I can relate to it and I will use this information when I see my new doctor. How long have you had these symptoms. Do they go away at all?
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    you mean your tongue mouth throat and bronchails feel like 2 pieces of sandpaper rubbing together along with fire ants biting and burning and a unquneable thirst??? I can hardly described my symptoms in words. i'ts mmiserable and i live with it 24 hrs a day for 5 yrs. I started out with dry burning non prodcutive cough after my allergies started getting worse in fall of l997 was under lots of stress as a city manager and ky is bad for allergies

    i think a lot of the dryness and thrist is the delicate imbalance of the ph cheney says the cfs drives the cells too acidi and the gut too alkalkine so i have lots of dig. problems, severe food cravings and i'm bedridden 85% of the time.

    write me if you want, i can tell you all about it and listen to you and who is your new dr.?? Cheney is smart but he's very expensvie and i can't afford to get the care i need from him regularly.

    god bless PM

    good luck with dr. appt.
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    Hi guys -

    This is SO familiar to me also. Paulmark, your description in right on key - 2 pieces of sandpaper rubbing.
    Do you also have mouth sores and tongue coating (white or whatever color) to accompany these symptoms?
    My doc and dentist haven't got a clue.