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  1. Asatrump

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    I think there are others like me. I read every single post, sometimes several times a day. I pray. But I do not respond. There is the chance I could miss somebody and accidentally hurt their feelings. Nor do I have the energy to reply.

    But, I pray for each one. There is not one among us who does not need prayer. There is not one of us without pain of the body, the soul and the mind. We each carry our burdens, of course myself included. We each have our lists of problems, and most often there are no solutions. I cry often. My husband would say I am weak, and emotional. Yes, I do take an anti depressant. But it does not reduce or lesson hurtful situations, both yours and my own.

    Like so many of you, if I have a good "hour" I feel I then pay with a week of sad and trouble. May we all rejoice and be glad in those moments we are given.

    I had requested that in asking for a particular person in prayer, that the first name be given. It helps me sort through mentally when I am away from the computer. I am home nearly full time, and pray when idle which is most of the time. It helps me to focus on a name. It is not for purposes of being nosey, I dont' want last names, or locations or even details.

    Please all who read this know that my heart reaches out daily to you. I wish I could touch your heart and give you a moment of reprieve.

    Blessings to all those here.
  2. Landy

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    I'm new to this board and I'm thrilled to be here. I
    have fibromyalgia and cfs and can understand first hand
    how one good day can turn to a week of pain and fatigue.
    The ability to pray throughout the day is a gift. God
    bless you for using it. There is power in prayer.
    We have a Awesome God. It's wonderful to be among
    other believers.
  3. morningsonshine

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    Hi, understand what you are saying, i don't have the energy to post to everyone, but it's nice for those who are praying to say HI, everyonce in a while, so we know your here.
    I try to answer a few, and feel bad i can't answer all, but i also see others answering ones i can't get to.

    So hopeful it all works out, its nice for everypost to get aleast one printed answer, so i look for thos with zeros still, when i'm on.

    Blessings to you to.
    And, HI