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    Sorry I didn't respond to you post about my burning skin sensation post...I included your original post below.

    I'm not sure if it is nerve related or just my skin, how can you tell the difference? I didn't have any tingling with felt like someone was holding a fire over my skin and my flesh was burning. Or like someone had poured acid from my fingers down to my elbow and the flesh was being eaten away. The burning sensation definitly hurts...I was lying in my bed not wanting to move and just thinking about possibly cutting my arm off! It sucks...

    I also get this snapping feeling in my right shoulder and right heel that feels like a guitar string had be snapped and broke. It happens when I stand on my toes (to reach something) or when I lift my arm up. That is very painful.

    This is why I thought I might have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome because I've read stories about people experiencing the same snapping pain and burning sensatioin.

    What do you mean by "new scripts started"?

    I haven't been using any new herbs or cleaning products. This has been happening to me for a while now. Both the burning sensation and snapping pain. The burning sensation seems to happen in various parts of my body, but the snapping is always the same places. It seems to be happening more frequently and painfully. This is why I have decided to finally search out some answers.

    I have never been told I have neropathy...what is that by the way?

    Nor have I been told I have Carpal tunnel, which I don't think I do because like I said the burning sensation happens in other parts of my body too. Like my legs, etc.

    So what do you think? Have you heard of or know anyone with CRPS? I wouldn't even know what kind of doctor to go to for a diagnosis...I've heard of a pain management doctor but I'm unsure of whether we even have that type of doc. in Canada.

    Thanks for your help!

    >>How does it actually feel? 07/27/06 10:18 AM

    Can you feel that it is your skin or do you think it could be nerve related. Any tingling with it. Does it feel like a burn would feel? Any new scripts started? Any new herbs, cleaning products. Ever been told you have neropathy? Carpal tunnel? Hurt or burn or both? <<

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