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    I noticed in your post about disability that you had a battle with work disability benefits. My question is how long was your battle "after" you hired your lawyer?

    I received my second denial from my work disability also the very day he called me about my case. I gave someone both denials to fax him and they ended faxing 2 of my first one. So he called me right away and he thought I still had a denial left to go through. But I told him what happened and he said to re-fax the second one.

    I waited for his call and he didn't call back so I called his office. He told me that the lawyers in his office had their meeting (which I suppose its something they do all the time. He then told them about my case and said that they wanted to take it. These lawyers are ones that are on a fibromyalgia site that someone else on here told me about. All they do are insurance cases . Thats it! So I am very anxious to see if it pans out.

    He told me that they don't take cases that they think they can't win. I was just curious to know what kind of procedures did you have to go through. How much did they require of you? Did you have to testify in front of a judge? I have only been off work since Jan/05 and have not even received STD. I have a mental evaluation on the 15th of Aug. for SS.

    If its not to much trouble could you give me a heads up on what I am looking at? If I had not have found this web site I would not have known to really be on top of the denial and such so I thank God for you all and all the help that everyone takes the time to respond.

    Thanks again,
    PS. Anyone feel free to jump into this if you have something.
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    for Poodlemommy! HOpe she gets it!
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    Hi Poodlemommy-

    I was just wondering if your symptoms started anytime around the time you got your poodles. I have two wonderful poodles myself and about a week after I got my "party poodle" almost two years ago I started having symptoms. I just wanted to see if there was a possible correlation here although it seems bizarre.

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