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    Hi poodlemom,

    I read your bio, I can't believe you have a poodle named Toby!! That's wonderful! My Toby (Tobalina) is a 5 yr old white minature poodle. She came to me from an abusive home at 10 months old. She was so thin and malnurished, dirty and her hair all matted. She was so frightened and would shake violently. She does not like men or children. My daughter brought her home one night in January and new that I would fall in love at first site, (I am crazy for animals) and I did. My heart just melted, her big brown eyes staring at me under all that dirt, as if saying,"please take me and love me", well that was it as soon as I found out what her story was I was determined to let these people have it!! My daughter put her on the floor and Toby just hopped up on my lap and has been there ever since. The very next day I took her to our vet for a full check up and shots. I noticed she was limping and favoring her right leg and she would cry if we touched her in that area. After some exrays, the news was in, her leg had been broken when she was a very young puppy and was never taken care of, it healed up above her her hip bone so now that leg is shorter and full of arthritis. My heart just fell. The vet gave me some options, to put her down, operation at ($1500) no garantees, or treat her with lots of love and pain meds. Well what do you think I chose? I'm happy to say that she is happy, healthy, chubby and playfull, and spoiled rotten!! She will have to be on meds for the rest of her life and she hops on three legs but she is happy and loved!

    She came to me in a very bad time in my life, so I think we needed each other and saved each other. I just wanted to share that with you.

    I see that you are in Ontario, what part if you don't mind my asking? My parents live in Oakville. They moved there almost 9 yrs ago. I've often wondered if I should move to Ontario myself since the political situation here in Quebec is not so good for anglos any longer. My youngest, Matthew can't even speak a word of french. He just hates it here. I have no one here anyways so it's not like I would be leaving anyone behind...well except for the ex!

    Be well,

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    just reposting in case you missed it.