to post or not to post.....

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    how many times have you written a post and then after maybe half hour or more of spending your time sharing your thoughts or experience or knowledge
    you re-read it, and then pressed

    me too. xx hd.

    time edited- "after" Wendy comment-
    off on the wrong foot there.

    This is exactly why I asked the question. Really her answer is the reason I asked it.
    but, Sorry she misunderstood.

    Please don't let this simple question turn into a bruise.

    I think we all try to find answers or questions from the heart. inquiring minds want to know.
    All I want to know if sometimes you spend time writing and then you delete it for any reason YOU might have.PEACE. [This Message was Edited on 11/10/2005]
  2. hdbubblehead

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    after reading Wendy's message I am not sure if she misunderstood me or if I should refraise my question.

    To Wendy.....OUCH.

    I am asking if you "question" your topic, your reply, your information, your thoughts, your personal information..etc. writing is basically..thinking out loud.

    Since being in this wonderful website, I feel everyone writes "from the heart".
    especially when it comes to helping others.
    So thats not what I asked.
    I think Wendy just misunderstood my question. it's okay.peace.
    I don't ruffle feathers and I don't post to cause problems.
    I was asking if sometimes you "feel" as if you might not think your comments or questions or participation is even worth anyone caring about it.
    like right now........
    (wish i didn't even ask) sheeesh.

  3. Rosiebud

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    - maybe my contribution isnt worthwhile
    - maybe I've said the wrong thing
    - maybe I'll be taken the wrong way

    doubting my posts? Yes I do that. Like you say, our posts are written from the heart that doesnt mean we dont doubt them.

    oh and yes, like pam-d I'm always editing my posts.

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  4. pam_d

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    I usually don't delete them---not sure if I've ever deleted anything, but I sure do go back and edit things after I re-read them, both to be sure I'm being clear in what I'm asking or responding to, but also to make sure---or at least TRY to make sure---I'm not saying anything in an offensive way.

    An example of that concerns the frequent posts on do people do it, etc. I'm a working gal who likes it, so I try to respond positively to that, but at the same time I always want to make sure I'm not making anyone feel bad who DOESN'T work----because I truly, truly do have enormous respect for those who have chosen, either out of necessity or desire, to stay home and concentrate on taking care of themselves----a perfectly respectable, legitimate choice, too. So I do edit posts, or spend a lot of time on my original wording, to try & put myself is everyone's shoes---or as much as I can do that.

    Anyway, I do know what you are talking about, and I'm sure most of us, when we initiate a post or respond to one---our hearts are in the right place.

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    Hello hdbubblehead .. when I did post something a little "hot" shall we say .. at a certain time of the month .. for which I will really try not to post at that certain time for me hopefully ever again .. sigh ..
    But as you say .. from the heart on a subject that means something to you .. things can go a little wacky .. we are only human !
    Fudge : )

    PS ..hdbubblehead .. you mean you were stuck in that hole ? LOL
    The picture is there now .. and it is a HOOT !
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  6. hdbubblehead

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    <<<<< i was here.
  7. hdbubblehead

    hdbubblehead New Member

  8. kalley167

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    because I have watched them sit there with no replies. I know I am not always interesting but it makes me feel inviseable or insignificant. So I just don't post much. I guess some posts fall through the cracks. I have actually thought of leaving the site but I keep coming back to lurk, I guess.
  9. orachel

    orachel New Member when I just realized that I was screaming at the world in frustration (more than usual! LOL) and that you guys don't need unnecessary negativity in your lives!

    I posted something yesterday about my birth father that I'd have never in a million years imagined putting on a public forum. I did think about it for a few minutes, as its pretty embarassing, but then decided the possible benefit to one of our members who was in a similar situation might be worth it. And she thanked me for my perspective.

    What good are the things we've sufferd and gone through if our experiences can't be put to some good use helping our sisters and brothers in this FMily?

    I can't be much 'benefit' to the world right now, unfortunately. That, more than anything, is why I mourn my current state of health. But this is the one way I CAN help others, even if its just 1 out of 20 posts that make someone feel not alone, or like maybe they've got someone in their corner.

    Obviously, I've walked into some sort of a conflict here. Maybe between wamps (wendy) and hdbubblehead? If so, I urge you both....just think about whether the other person really meant whatever was said in a malicious way. If not, just try to open your heart to forgiveness. You both mean too much to us to be squabbling and possibly having one of you bail! LOL

    Hugs, to both of you, and to all...
  10. orachel

    orachel New Member

    Hey! There you are!! Meanwhile, you two might have been the ones to ask the question or offer the opinion I've been waiting for and needing in my life! LOLLOL

    I know its hard to put yourself out there....I've posted and gotten no replies...or even just one....when I see all sorts of other stuff getting answered. And you know what? If it wasn't important to me, i let it go.

    But if it was, and I really do need some assistance from the only people in my life (all of you!) who really DO KNOW what it feels like to be in my shoes....I just hunt up my post, by then buried on page 4 and Type SELFISH BUMP! I need more help here, guys! Desperate for answers! Please help if you can!

    I beg for responses if I need them. And you know what? That's ok.....I go out of my way to try to help others who need help...and so do both of you....

    What happens, at least to me, and Snowygirl and I talk about this that sometimes the board is at a total standstill. And sometimes its moving at the dang Speed of Light! LOL Seriously...I'll see something I want to reply to, then the teapot screams at me, and when I get myself hobbled back to the computer its just gone! And I'm so dippy and foggy I can't remember what it was in the first place!

    I urge you both...please...if you absolutely aren't comfortabe being here any way other than just hanging around watching, then that's ok. I'm glad you get some benefit instead of NONE.

    But if you need help, or feel alone, or whatever...please don't be afraid to ask for it. I remember in my saddest, most scared hour I posted a crazy SOS post! I was desperate man, and I needed help right then and there! LOL And everyone rallied around me, and all was guys even figured out what was wrong with me when 2 docs and the er couldn't!

    So please, if you need help....ASK, INSIST, SCREAM till you get it. I know at least 75% of this board would feel wretched to know there were people out there needing help but that we'd just somehow missed their cry. Does that make any sense?

    And if you just CAN"T get help, page me personally. I'm the ultimate drama queen, and can scream to the high heavens if necessary. I promise we'll get the support you need, ok?

    I'm stuck at home alone (except for big fluffy cat!), housebound at 30 years of age for 16 hours a day while my husband is at work. I'm thousands of miles away from all my family and friends (other than my work friends who forgot me as soon as I couldn't work anymore). I promise you. I know how wretched it feels to be left alone and feel like you don't matter. That's why, when I'm up to it, I practically live on these boards. Or on my email catching up with people I've met on these boards. You people have literally kept me going over the last 5 months. NONE of us...NOT 1...deserves to fall through the cracks. OK?

    Hugs, big ones to both of you!!
  11. windblade

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    Bubble - I think you brought up a really valuable question.
    It feels good to me to hear all the answers. Sometimes I feel really vulnerable too in what I post.

    Hanginin - I liked that poem - what it says to me is to aim for the deep parts of people - to connect past the surface. Don't you dare delete it. :)
    And don't you dare ever leave this board - you are too much of a bright light here!!! :)

    Much love, Judy

  12. ldbgcoleman

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    I have posted a couple of times in reaction to something some said that upset me then deleted because I felt it was not worth it and I should give everyone the benefit of the doubt. MAybe they didn't mean it the way I took it or they were having a bad day.

    Please don't hesitate to post. The beauty of this site is it is anonymous. We have discussed everything here including poop! I enjoy reading your posts.

    If I don't respond it is usuaaly because of:
    A. A time factor
    B. My hands hurt or I can't collect my thouhgts
    C. I don't know the topic or have anything to add

    By the way I like the OT topics Jokes and inspration adn Hobbies ect. I lets me get to know you all more personally and make me feel connected to you.

    Remember if someone hurts your feelings "You can't control anothers behavior, only how you react to it!"

    Take Care Lynn
  13. LittleBluestem

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    Hangininthere - I'm glad you didn't delete the poem. While deleting it might have avoided offending someone, it would have certainly deprived several of us of the opportunity to share in your enjoyment of it. Several thousand years ago, a very wise man observed that "you cannot please all of the people all of the time".

    To those who are Christains - this poem made me think of the song "The Warrior is a Child". (Of course, I can't think who sings it right now.)
  14. mermaid01

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    I was interested in this topic and understand the need to express our feelings, share our ideas, in hopes that it might help someone else. I find it very difficult to write, expressing ideas without getting off the topic. More than not my posts are long, ideas just pour out. Some worth while and could be used in many different ways; adjusting a post so it can be used to send to media, TV (O'Rielly Factor), legislators, all elected officials. Stop laughing! We work very hard on our thoughts, here is what I do to try to make things easer for myself. First, when I compose a post, I do it in word; it is easier to correct spelling and use the Thesaurus when words become redundant. Then I re-read the message until I think it is addressing the topic. Most important of all, I save it in a word doc file (on my desktop), I call it "Health Articles for Posting, TV, Print". This has been a very time saving step for me, I can take the message and rework to fit the new topic, sending it to what ever medium that seems appropriate. Every once in awhile there is a new post asking an old question, you can answer that post by opening up the folder and updating the post you want to use to fit the question at hand. I suppose most people do this but just in case, I hope my plan will come in handy for someone else. Oh, this works for other things, I also use this method when I want to write a political commentary and make my voice heard in the political arena. I go to NFBI (National Federation of Independent Business), you can share your comments by sending it with "one click", it goes to your state elected officials, The President and more. It make it so easy to have a say in the American Process. I better get off this soap-box! Have a nice weekend! Mermaid01
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    I'm singing now.........