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    Thisis why this is such an issue with me now. I realized by her selling these meds to people that are getting addicted and hurtiong others.

    Im so confused.
    She doesnt need the $ now. So I waitng for her to stop selling her meds. and fess up to the doc. that she doesnt need all of the pills she gets.

    But she does have a dibiliting disease that is very painfull THats why its easy for her to get increases in her meds.

    Shes good. With her Doc.
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    You know what?? That really ticks me off that someone who "says they need the pain meds in order to funtion" only needs them in order to live a comfortable lifestyle. or worse yet....trade them or sell them for other drugs such as meth/cocaine/crack....I know people who get tons of pain medication and they look and live life and i don't see how they need the meds they get. I only get 4 lortab 7.5 mg pills per day and i have scoliosis(never had it corrected as a child due to a family barely making it financially and no insurance of course) Fibromyalgia, vaginal psoriasis(VERY VERY PAINFUL AND I HAVE ANXIETY ATTACKS FROM THE FLARE-UPS)anklylosing spondylitis (spine arthritis-which docs also think it could be psoriatic arthritis)(tested postitive for the HLA-B27 antigen) the arthritis is affecting my spine/hands/wrists/knees/ankles and elbow joints but spine joints are affected the most. and i am killing my tissue in my back from my heating pad usage but even showing the doctors that i have damaged my skin/tissue by using a heating pad all the time to help with the pain they continue to tell me that I am too young to be on any more pain medicine than i currently am. I cannot have any other treatment for my arthritis due to all my dental problems which i have no money to correct right now so pain management is my only option for a decent(yea right) life. I do nothing all day but live in pain and wait for the 6 hr mark in order to take my pain med daily. I get nothing to help me sleep or to help with the anxiety of my conditions or to help with any of the muscle/tissue disorders that the fibromyalgia diagnosis does but others can get valium/soma/xanax and all the other drugs that they can sell and make a killing from. I know one lady who sells her pain medication and she gets in ONE FAMILY(family of 3)...she gets those fentynyl pain patches AND 240 Lortab 10mg...her husband gets 120 Methadone(not sure of the mgs.) AND 180 Lortab 10mg...her daughter gets 90 MScontin(not sure of the mgs.) AND 180 Lortab 10mgs every month. As a matter of fact the daughter even told me one day that if she took the amount of pain meds the doctor prescribed her she would be in la-la land all day so what the hell is she asking for that amount for???(of course, in her case to sell them for other drugs and to live her lifestyle) THEY ALL SELL THEIR MEDICATIONS!! They sell each of the lortab for $3.00 a pill and her daughter told me that she can sell ONE of the msContin pill for 10.00 per pill!!! .......HELL THEY DON'T HAVE TO WORK BECAUSE THEY MAKE A VERY GOOD LIVING OFF SELLING THEIR PAIN MEDICATION..........AND I DON'T SEE WHERE THEY HAVE ANYTHING WRONG WITH THEM PHYSICALLY OR MEDICALLY?????? THEY LIVE THEIR LIFE JUST LIKE ANYONE ELSE WOULD THAT DOESN'T HAVE ANY HEALTH PROBLEMS.... HOW THE HECK DO THESE PEOPLE GET THE AMOUNT OF PAIN MEDS THEY GET FROM THE DOCTOR WHEN I LOOK LIKE I'M ABOUT TO DIE- BEING UNDERWEIGHT FROM NOT BEING ABLE TO EAT DUE TO SEVERE DENTAL DECAY (basically i have no teeth left other than broken teeth at my gumline now)AND MY JOINTS ARE ALL DISFIGURED(literally-i have advanced arthritis and you can see the damage) AND I'M HUMPBACK(from the scoliosis and the ankylosing spondylitis arthritis) AND HAVE DAMAGED MY SKIN FROM OVERUSE OF A HEATING PAD???????? WHAT AM I DOING OR SAYING TO DOCTORS TO THINK THAT I AM NOT ENTITLED TO HAVE AT LEAST SOME KIND OF DECENT PAIN CONTROL??? SINCE THE ONLY THING AVAILABLE TO ME NOW IS PAIN MEDICATION?? I CAN'T TAKE THE ARTHRITIS MEDS CAUSE IT WOULD KILL ME DUE TO THE INFECTION I HAVE IN MY BODY FROM MY DENTAL PROBLEMS YET I CANT FIND A DENTIST THAT WILL HELP ME TAKE CARE OF THAT PROBLEM CAUSE I DONT HAVE INSURANCE OR MONEY TO PAY??? I WOULD NOW HAVE TO HAVE A SPECIAL DENTIST THAT WOULD HAVE TO PUT ME UNDER ANESTHEIA IN ORDER TO REMOVE MY BROKEN/DECAYED TEETH????? AND THE COST OF JUST REMOVING THE TEETH WOULD BE 5500.00.(thats not including the dentures i would have to have to replace in order to eat from that point on) I CANT WORK ANYMORE AND AM DIVORCED AND HAVE NOONE IN MY FAMILY THAT CAN FINANCIALLY HELP ME WITH THIS BUT YET THE Dentist WOULDNT ACCPT A PAYMENT PLAN EVEN KNOWING THAT MY HEALTH IS BEING AFFECTED BY THIS. AND NOONE CAN TELL ME WHY AT AGE 34 I HAVE ALL THESE PROBLEMS. and i hate my life every day more and more and when i see this family with nowhere near the problems i have and they are getting that amount of pain meds a month it just depresses and angers me even more... I've had arthritis since the age of 18 and have managed to use conservative pain meds(otc meds) up until 3 yrs ago when my dental problems got worse due to not haveing the money to afford the costly dental procedures i had to keep getting and then i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and have only been on narcotic pain meds for 3 yrs. I am in pain management but when i asked the pain dr to help me with better pain control his reply was.....and i quote..... "you should be happy that i am even treating you with narcotics for the conditions you have....most drs won't give you narcotics. and you should be glad that i'm seeing you without payment (he is affiliated with a hospital and i have to use their indigent program for patients that have no insurance or money in order to afford medical care) so take what you can get for now. I will NOT adjust your medication for at least another 4 yrs so you need not ask anymore." and he also said......"you are more than glad to go to someone else if you dont think you are being treated fairly here so its your choice......"


    sorry for the rant but this subject just touches a sore spot with me especially since i can't get medicaid(have been turned down) or any other financial assistance to help me with my problems but yet there are others who seem to get anything they ask for and then they don't even need them........


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    What a lot of BS you getting from your doctor. HE should have to answer to a higher power for the way he is treating you. Even though you don't pay him HE is getting paid for your care.

    HE is the one that agreed to take patients that don't have insurace and he should at least learn that he needs to treat his patients the same even when they don't have the money for the visit. This was his choice to accept you as his patient. And you should not let him talk to oyou like he is.

    YOu should report his treatment of you to the head of the program your on. You will need to have someone hear what is being said to you so that you have proof of the nasty remarks he is making to you. And he is not meeting your needs, from what I have heard he is requried by teh AMA to treat you and help you with the pain you have. And it doesnot sound like he is helping you much.

    I don't know just who you should contact but your getting screwed over becasue of your inability to PAY HIM. HE is the one who is breaking a contract of giving you good care. You should not have to wait 6 hours for your meds you should be able to have the right amount to take them every four hours if that if what you need to take.

    Doctors like your just make me angry. LIke they know what it feels like to have constant pain . I would love to tell him off >. I hope that you tell who is in control of the program your on about his treatment of you as it is not right that he treat you in the manner he does. I am so angry for you . You deserve better medical treatment than you are getting. I wish you could get better medical help.
    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{SOFT HUGs for you }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
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    Its tottal shi- when a doctor feels hes in a place to treat people like that. I know how you feel. But not to your present condition.

    They know they can treat you like crap. What are you going to do? Even If you did have Ins. Change Doctors. Well ya I guess in an extrean case. But usally you cant go pain dotoe hunting.

    Hell no first thing is Why is she doing this what did she do wrong. Im sorry to be nefitive but IM mad tha this doctor takes advantage of your situation. Thats abusive.

    My Gosh, Im so sorry you have to live in pain and anexity. I dont know the way things are where you live , but isnt there any kind of walfare ins you can get.

    How about a community health center. I usred to work for one and loved it cuz there mission was to catter to the working poor and the uninsured. We cared and really tried to help the patients.

    Im rambling sorry

    Take care I hope tings get better That doctor might quit or go away and another one will take over and treat you better.

    love ya susan

  5. joyinga

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    just wanted to thank those who replied to my "rant". I stay frustrated and angry because of ppl like the ones i know (not personally-but have talked to them before) who sell the medicine that i need everyday in order to just get out of bed. I know that i am being undermedicated and it makes me angry that those who don't take them and sell them get them and i just don't know how they convince their docs to give them that many on a monthly basis. I wish I knew who the docs were that were prescribing them these medications cause i would definately call their doctor and give their doctor a heads up about what their prescriptions are really being used for. I've tried to ask but they never want to tell me who their doctor is(probably out of fear that i will call and let the cat out of the bag)

    About my pain doctor.... He is the only option i have right now .... i dont qualify for any kind of state aide even tho i have nothing...no money, no property, no vehicle, and i don't understand why i keep getting turned down for the services that others also get that DON"T need them.....I don't know....maybe i'm being too honest about my situations whereas others have lied about their financial state in order to recieve those services??? but still...making $0.00 money each month....how could i not qualify?????? I don't know what else i could do/say that would prove that i am qualified to receive these services....example...last July i got bit by something(the docs seemed to think it was a brown recluse spider)..any way..the only doctor i had at that time was a Rheumatologist(who I owe 1000.00 for past office visits already) anyway...i ended up going to the ER after 4 days with my finger.. i got bit by something on my pointing finger of my rt hand and it got very infected(on my middle joint where i have prominent arthritis already). They tried to drain it and remove the infection and gave me antibiotics to take...3 days after that it was 10 times worse so i went to my rheumy and he told me he wanted me to see an orthepedic doctor since it was involving my joint as well.... the orthopedic doc admitted me into the hospital for 7 days.. while there the hospital admins tried to sign me up for assistance to pay the hospital bill but they told me that all the programs they tried to sign me up for denied me.. so i have a 10,000.00 hospital bill that i have no way of paying... of course they had to admit me anyway due to the orthopedic docs orders but i also had to go back to the hopsital after they released me for the next 10 days and still recieve antibiotic IV treatments and to receive whirlpool threrapy to help clean the wound. They almost decided to amputate my finger if it had not started to respond to the antibiotics. It finally did after massive amounts of IV antibiotics. The doc said he'd never had to give anyone that amount of antibiotics before and that since i was a complicated case with illnesses that involved my immune system(arthritis-the immune system attacking kind) that that was probably the reason it had to be treated so aggresively. they were also worried it would get into the joint and hopefully it hasn't cause it if does( and still could be) they would still have to amputate to save other bones in my hand from infection. After that ordeal my rheumy finally told me that i just needed to see a pain doc since there wasn't much more he could do for me other than help me with pain meds. So.....sorry for the long rant...i dont qualify for anything as far as state aide cause if i did the hospital would certainly have been able to find one to help me. I have gone to the dept of family and childrens service and tried to apply with them but was not approved for any kind of help other than food stamps with them. so it is frustrating that a doc can have that kind of attitude cause he KNOWS my situation and knows i have no other options. he also knows that if i complain about him then i'll be cutting my nose off despite my face(as the saying goes- in other words...i'd probably lose the only pain management i do have) so for now i'm stuck with what i have until/unless he decides to help me with better pain control.

    Anyhow, just wanted to thank each of you for responding and thanks for caring enough to suggest things. Believe me, I have definately looked and tried to find any kind of financial help i could get and havent' found any yet.. but i'm still hoping that something will work out someday......


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