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    Hey, there! Following up on your post under my FM Awareness/birthday thread:

    You know, I don't think I had heard about not being able to relax muscles. I can if I consciously think about it, and when I find I am stressed and hurting, when I make myself relax, I do feel better. I am kind of a tense, worrisome person, so I imagine I do carry myself tense a lot. I suppose my type of personality would be prone to FM.

    The other thing is, I was never aware of feeling like I didn't sleep well, EVEN THOUGH I HAD BAD SLEEP APNEA!!! No daytime drowsiness etc. But I had it bad! Struggling still with the CPAP although it is getting better. So maybe that means I can have FM without being conscious of a lot of things, like I had (have?) severe sleep apnea without realizing it? In the mornings I should have been feeling like I was run over by a truck from stopping breathing so many times, but I didn't! Weird, huh?
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    Without Ambien, I am starting to wake up more times in the night again. I have never thought of FM as muscle tension, but I do have a lot of muscle aching especially. Very reactive to weather changes, sensitive skin - those vibrating massagers make my skin crawl!! - and little things like I do clench my teeth. I have rheumatoid arthritis, as well, but the meds are controlling it perfectly.

    Rheumy doesn't put a lot of stock in the standard 18 point testing since there can be so many other TP's, but I did react hugely when he tested my outer thighs! He says he doesn't know of anything else that has tender points, so he said FM at the last exam. Then today, we had mostly a talking session especially about the horrible visit I had with the pain doc. He was very reassuring, but then when I asked him if he was sure I had FM, he said no, but that was the closest thing! He wants me to try another pain doc so I can get things in place and have a plan before next winter's misery! And so I can have a good trip to London. Fortunately, the person I will be visiting has RA and FM, so we won't be on the go all the time.

    So, it seems close enough to FM, doesn't it? I just don't know why he waffles about whether or not it is. He is a fibro expert; perhaps he doesn't like to diagnose unless he is certain, but he seems to be sending me in the same directions that he would a true FMer.

    This all gets very confusing!