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    How is your new job going? My son is enjoying his job...he's excited to be earning money again. He hasn't had a job at all for over a year, so this is good for him. So far, he's only worked 4 hour shifts, which is fine with me. He can manage that length of time. I hope you're doing OK. Terri
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    Sorry I missed posts as I have not been on very much recently. So you are working and I was about to post to ask re your exams.

    What job? Are you OK working with all your pains? What is the pay rate in UK now? Minimum wage in NY State is $6.50 an hour but some places it is lower.

    So, if you work a 40 hour week that means you make $260 so a month equals around a thousand dollars a month, that is about five hundred and fifty pounds. Then of course there will be no health insurance for most people working minimum wage, and no cheap buses here-a month pass is $160, and one may be on the bus over an hour to go fifteen miles as one bus does all the turns etc. Gas in car would be for many with older cars about $6.00 a day as most older cars only get 15 mpg, even our five year old one only gets 18mpg. plus here poorer people tend to live in trailers out of towns so they often have a long drive in, at least 15 or 20 miles, maybe more. So car or bus(if there is one near you) cost the same. The buses tend to just stick inside the city so you cannot really catch a bus in rural areas.

    So that leaves about $900 a month to buy all one's health care, clothes, electric, rent (or taxes and mortgage) and food. This is why you are so lucky to have NHS no matter the ups and downs in UK. Plus good bus and trains, even though they may run late you have them. Our taxes on a modest house (rates to you) run at about $5,000 p.a. and my budget plan elec and gas is about $300 pcm.

    BTW our nephew just got in Cornell and the first year's tuition is $34,000 with another $11,000 mandatory room and board. Books are extra. Our local State Uni, just went up for residents to $18,000 a year times four years, not including digs. I hope you will bring this up in discussions over there as it really is hard.

    Love Anne Cromwell
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    I'm glad you were able to negotiate your you do not work out of your home? I thought maybe you did, but it doesn't sound like it. Hang in there!

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