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    Hi Lady,
    How are things going? I see your busy spreading the word! You go ,girl!! I am proud of you doing it with all you have going on!!

    I need for you to check on something in Germany as a procedure, or you might know about it yourself?

    It is called the EPFX Biofeedback Device. It is a highly complex device based on quantum physics.

    Have you heard about this device and have you experienced it yourself? I was told it was a welcome device there in Germany.

    It focuses in on your engentric body and measures nutrition, vitamin levels, minerals,enzymes,ect,

    This systems then feeds back frequencies to enhance or counteract the body's own resonances.

    I would really appreciate if you could ask around or if you know of information about this device and how valiate it is in what it does.

    Thanks so much!!!

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    helping you but I just had 2 nerve blocks done on my hips so I am laying low right now.

    I have 2 more series of these three wks apart. I updated my bio and you will see why I am having these done. To much pain for me to deal with.

    I have a rough 3 days but I will survive and thrive! Hehe!

    Also, that device I mentioned goes by the name of QXCI. I am not to sure it might be called in Germany SiLCO. I might have these letters switch around.

    The lady that gave me the info. said it was widely accepted there in Germany and the Uk as well.

    I can't sit to long so I talk at ya later!

    Love ya,

    VEGA Testing (Electrodermal Testing)

    This test was developed by German physician Dr Reinhold Voll in 1958. The VEGA Test (or Electrodermal Test) involves measuring electromagnetic conductivity in the body using a Wheatstone bridge Galvanometer. The patient has one electrode placed over an acupuncture point and the other electrode is held while a battery of allergens and chemicals are placed in a metallic honeycomb. A fall in the electromagnetic conductivity or a "disordered reading" measured indicates an allergy or intolerance to that allergen. Newer transistorised/computerised versions of the original VEGA or Voll test are called Dermatron, BEST, Quantum and LISTEN Systems which have a similar application and give more rapid results. Some proclaim to test for 3500 allergens in 3 minutes! Katelaris et al [14) and Holgate [15] performed independent double blind testing, comparing VEGA testing with conventional testing in known allergy sufferers, and the VEGA Tests had no reproducibility or diagnostic accuracy at all [1]. The manufacturer’s aggressively promote the test and offer free training courses for potential “allergy” diagnosticians.

    I think this is what it is! Have you had this done?

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