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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Cabbie, Aug 31, 2006.

  1. Cabbie

    Cabbie New Member

    I read your post about a holistic doctor you're going to near your home in CT. I live south of you, and was wondering who the dr. is and where located. My friend told me about one she goes to in Torrington - maybe the same one?

    I'd like to hear about your visit after you go - would you post about it? I didn't know that Dr. Teitelbaum was speaking in Stamford; does he have any others scheduled for CT? Where did you hear about it?

    I was told by one doc that I have CFS, but supplements he gave didn't help. I was told by a neurologist that my fatigue is from MS (was dx as possible MS 10 yrs ago, but no symptoms until fatigue 5 yrs ago). He's treating me for the fatigue (still not much help) but has no explanation for the noise sensitivity, headaches, sleep problems, and other stuff we all have.

    I went to a doc in Southington, but after a few months nothing he tried worked and I stayed with the neuro. I've been thinking about a holistic doc but I don't know if my insurance pays for any of it.

    Thanks for any info you have .
  2. Kay31

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    Hi Cabbie

    Please check my posts starting 1/18/06 and few thereafter. I did feel a lot better for a while and then slipped back into a so-so state.

    Many others have reported really good results from him.

    Couldn't find purpledotfrog's posting. Probably cause at times I become a computer dummy.[This Message was Edited on 08/31/2006]
  3. Cabbie

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    Jaye - The dr. you're going to in Torrington sounds like it might be the one my friend went to; I'll have to ask her the name. She didn't go for CFS or FM though. The problem was that her insurance didn't pay for any of the treatment.

    I went to Dr. Christopher Manning, a rheumatologist in Southington. He's listed on the Good Doctors list on this site. He was good, but when I told him that the treatment the neuro was giving me was helping some, he suggested I stick with him.

    Kay - I'd like to know the name of the dr. you went to; do you still go to him? It seems like we find something that starts working a little, but then it doesn't continue to help. I saw in your bio that your symptoms started after your mother passed away - my fatigue started right after my mother died. Not as bad then (5 yrs. ago) as it is now, but I've always thought her passing triggered it.

  4. Kay31

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    Hi you two,

    After seeing many doctors along the way - just like so many of you did, I heard of Dr. Wm. Shevin in Woodstock, CT. I went on the recommendation of a friend who said he really helped him.

    He's an MD and a Homeopathic physician. I haven't given up on him. At first, I was elated because I noticed more energy, but that phase passed. Please read my postings going back to the beginning of the year where I explain his type of treatment. He also has a website.

    About three years ago, I heard Dr. Charles Lapp speak at UConn (he did lots of research with Cheney). I was so impressed that I went to Charlotte NC to see him. At that time, I just wanted someone to say, "Yes, Kay, this is what you have." He's big on B-12 shots, but they didn't do much for me.

    I also heard Teitlebaum (sp?) speak locally. He basically reiterated most of the points in his book. I think lots of what he says makes sense, but I really cringe about what he charges.

    By the way, Dr. Shevin is not money hungry and he does take insurance.


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