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    I had seen your reply on another thread re work: I also posted the below on that thread.

    I have been approved for ss disability. I am hoping one day I will get better and be able to return to the workforce. I am 36. What really struck me was in your reply you mentioned not being to work for someone, hence you started your own business.

    Sorry if this seems long. But I was a nurses aide for over 10 years. I am hoping to someday open my own home care agency. I can not work for other people. I know that I will basically be working for customers but that is different. I seem to have no tolerance for ignorant bosses. Especially since coming down with fibro.

    Anyways just wanted to respond to that. I was glad to see someone else felt the same as me.

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    I was also in nursing at one time, many moons ago...

    I honestly believe anyone can start a business. If you look around at the people you have worked for, there is the answer.

    As I have said before, there is so much knowledge at your fingertips to enable you to learn what to do.

    In my business I see people starting new businesses every day, then a few years later they are doing very well.

    It takes alot of things like reading motivational books, learning all you can about starting a business, how to make a business plan, and just reading to get ideas for a business.

    Many people who are very successful would never come out and tell you how to do their business and make alot of money, they just don't do it.

    They had to do it themselves and just won't make it easy for others. I guess I can understand but even so, all the information is out there for those who will do the research.

    You see, if people don't have the motivation to do the research and what it takes to start a business, they won't do it anyway if someone tells them exactly what to do.

    There are excellent mentors though. One source is the small business administration.

    You can even just do a web search on how to start a business or ideas for a business.