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    I saw a post where you mentioned Subutex for Opiate withdrawal. I have been taking Oxycontin for many years and it really helps with FMS pain. My problem is that I am switching doctors and my new doctor does not believe in narcotic meds for FMS. I've got no problem with that as I really think she is very knowledgeable and wants to help me. I see so many people with FMS that don't take narcotics for pain and I wonder if that would be a better path for me to take. My new doc prescribed Lyrica. I've tried tapering off Oxy but my body is rebelling.

    Would you mind telling me about your experience with Subutex? Why did you take it? How did you take it and for how long. If you don't feel comfortable sharing this info, I understand. I just don't know what to do.


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    You need to find a doctor who can prescribe Subutex. Please call the office of Dr.Rick Chavez in Redondo Beach California. Ask for Lynette, the doctors wife, and tell her Carol asked you to call for info on the Subutex protocol.

    You can take this info to your own doctor. If necessary, I will get the info and mail it to you. I don't know what state you are in but believe me, you can transition right on to Subutex with few problems.

    Don't be afraid, I know it is very frightening. You know, Dr. Chavez does believe in Oxycontin for Fibro if it works, I was the one who did not want to take it. He is a wonderful,compassionate doctor who treats many fibro patients. I have maintained on Subutex for over a year with very few flares. I get by with Tylenol Gel Caps and occasional Ultram.

    If you are in California, I wish you could see Dr. Chavez. He really knows how to handle the meds.

    I will help you find a doctor who prescribes Subutex if I know what city you are in...

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    Carol, thanks so much for your reply. Oh how I wish I lived closer to your doctor. I live in possibly one of the worst places to be stricken with FMS and CFIDS. I live in a small town near Mobile, Alabama. After having lived here for 4 years and trying multiple doctors and giving up, I have been treated by my doc in Dallas where I lived before moving here. He is an angel. I see him every few months since my grandchildren are there and we go visit them as often as my health allows (not often enough, but oh well).

    It is not ideal to be treated by a doc who lives so far. He has wanted to try different protocols which require close supervision and I'm not moving back to Texas so the best he can do is prescribe meds. I finally found a new doc who just moved to my area. But, as I said before, she doesn't believe in Oxycontin for FMS pain and I'm not too crazy about taking it anyway so I am open to her treatment. She told me that the medical profession in my area is 20 years behind in the treatment of FMS and CIFDS. It's probably a good idea I didn't know that before moving here, because I would have had a hard time moving to this area which has turned out to be a beautiful, peaceful, stressfree place to live.

    If you can find a doc in my area who can help me with the Subutex protocol, that would be great. Otherwise, I would be willing to call Dr. Chavez's office as per your instructions. Carol, would you please give me his phone number?

    Thanks again for all your help.

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    Bumping for PVLADY
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    Call Dr Christopher Jenkins in Mobile. He prescribes Subutex, (also called Buprenorprine)
    Phone (251)432-3247.
    Doctors must be licensed to prescribe it because they get special training.
    If a problem there you can try Bradford Health Services in Mobile, phone (251)633-0900.
    These are all addiction specialists so they know how to handle this better.
    Just call and tell them you want to see about getting on Subutex to get off opiates/Oxycontin.
    If you have a problem with these let me know and I will look again.
    Let me know if you are ok..
    Take care, everything will be ok.

    Lastly, you might ask about staying on a maintenance dose of Subutex to control your fibro. I have been on 16 mg day for over a year and have very few flares.
    Dr Chavez's phone is (310) 798-1633. You can call and ask them to mail info on the Subutex protocol.
    Also, whoever you see in Mobile might speak with him about its use with Fibromyalgia.
    Lets face it, you may always need meds and this has been much less hard on my system.
    Good luck...

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    I can't thank you enough for the help. When I first moved to this area and I was looking for a doctor, at least 3 doctors (2 Rheumatologists and 1 Internist) refused to treat me because I was taking narcotic pain meds. They did not believe in treating me with narcotic pain and they refused to help me find someone who could help me transition to non-narcotic pain med. They just left me with no alternatives. They told me they just could not help me. It was pitiful. I gave up seeking Medical care in this area because it was too emotionally painful and embarrassing to keep telling my story and then get rejected time after time.

    Carol, I will pursue the options you've given me and I'll keep you posted on my progress.

    Once again, I've gotten more help on this message board than anywhere else.



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    I can certainly understand why you would give up, but "we" are not giving up this time.

    I found additional doctors who prescribe Subutex below. Call several of the offices and see who feels best for you.

    What you are going through has to be so common, I cannot believe how you were treated.

    There is nothing wrong with you, it is not a crime to have pain and want to have a better quality of life even if it means taking opiates.

    A knowledgable doctor knows how to treat tolerance issues with opiates. Dr. Chavez also has many chronic pain patients. I asked him once what he did when they developed tolerance. He said he would take them off the opiates with Subutex for a period of time, then restart the opiates and they would get better pain relief with less medication.

    Its just that doctors don't want to take the time to treat your pain. It is very tedious for them. Dr. Chavez is a saint, believe me. During our appointment he is not rushed and keeps asking if I have anything else to discuss. Very patient and compassionate. I hope you find a doctor like him in Mobile. They do exist, you have to keep looking.

    I am so sorry for what you have experienced but lets keep a positive thought, even if I have to make a phone call myself to them.

    I found the following additional doctors who prescribe Subutex:

    Nikolas Janovski, M.D. 2651 Old Shell Road Mobile, AL 36607 (205) 476-2027

    B Christopher Jenkins, M.D. 176 Mobile Infirmary Boulevard Mobile, AL 36607 (251) 432-3247 (I know you already have his #)

    C James Crumb, M.D. 3280 Dauphin Street Building A Mobile, AL 36606 (251) 450-3700

    Sandra Parker, M.D. 5750-A Southland Drive Mobile, AL 36693 (251) 461-3469

    D Charles Hall, Jr. 3610 Springhill Memorial Drive North Mobile, AL 36608 (251) 410-3600

    Lloyd May, M.D. 5580 Inn Road Mobile, AL 36619 (251) 666-8232

    E Rassan Tarabein, M.D. 28150 North Main Street Daphne, AL 36526 (251) 625-0909

    I also had a doctor here in California who refused to help me get off MS Contin. He just laughed and told me to "Jones It". I have never forgiven him for that. At the time I was so afraid. Luckily I found Dr. Chavez.
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    I am bumping this to make sure you see the additional doctors I found..
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    Carol, yes I did see the list. How did you do that? I called Dr. Chavez's office and left a message for Lynette to call me. Also, I found out that Dr. Crumb in Mobile is in the same office as the new FMS doc I am seeing (Dr. Regina Gilliland). As it was the end of the day I didn't make much progress, but I will follow up tomorrow and let you know how I make out.

    Thanks again

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    I would keep trying to call and reach Lynette. She is so busy and bad about returning calls, but she is wonderful.

    Tell her you met "Carol" on the "immune support" board referred you and I am the Carol married to Joe. She will know who I am.
    I am not sure exactly how I found these doctors. I kept searching under the drug name and city.
    I believe it was a list of doctors licensed to prescribe Subutex.
    It is a shame so many doctors choose to let patients suffer withdrawals or to try to taper off opiates rather than learning about this drug.
    I guess they are afraid they will have a bunch of drug addicts come in..
    The truth is many normal people need this help, then are treated like they are bad people.
    I sincerely hope someone helps you. I have been there myself.
    Take care...

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