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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by onedaymagpie, Aug 3, 2006.

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    Hi PVLady
    I sent you this post two days ago, and just went to bump it up to you and somehow deleted it. Poof.
    Anyway, per your question, I see Dr. Wightman at FFC in Torrance. I really like him. He is kind and understanding and very knowledgeable. It's also great for it to be so close; unlike so many who have to travel for their appointments, that would be tough.
    Through my brain fog, am I remember that you go to or were considering trying going there, too? If you are considering it, I tell you which of the doctors I think would be easier to work with . .
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    Thanks for the info. Isn't Dr. Holtorf in the Torrance office of FFC? I thought he was the founder of FFC.

    Anyway, I would be interested in the names of the doctors you think are the best. I am currently seeing Dr. Soliman, a very nice lady doctor in Torrance. She is a family practice doctor.

    She is running every possible test including for Epstein Barr and Lyme. On top of that, I was recently diagnosed with "lots" of small gallstones.

    Dr. Soliman is also ordering MRI's and CT scans - hopefully I will find out what is wrong, or "not wrong" with me.

    I am seeing Dr. Udani for the gastric problems,(in Redondo Beach). He is also great. I am determined to get help.

    Thanks again...
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    If you are considering the FFC in Torrance, then there are 3 doctors to pick from. Of course Holtorf is the founder. I have seen him many times while there and he is very friendly and I would imagine has a great bed-side manner - to use an old term.

    I see Wightman, who I don't think is as experienced as Holtorf, but is more available (which has an advantage) and has access to Holtorf. He is very kind and great to work with - I feel like he is really trying to make a difference.

    Finally, Dr. Tanenbaum I only know from seeing him around and seeing his interaction with others. While I'm sure his patients really like him, for me his enegery and interaction seem less than the other two.

    Hugs to you, PV Lady

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