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    Someone seems to be having a problem with my posts to you. Theyve all been deleted.

    I had typed out a long one re Tibet but it just vanished when i pushed send.

    I hope you get this and want to say how much i value your support of FreeTibet movement. Its the involvement and support of you and people like you which has kept the hope of freedom alive in peoples hearts. I am so touched that you went and demonstrated inspite of being ill with this DD.
    God bless you.

    Here too some 60 people were arrested but have been let out. While i do not think there shuld be racial, ethnic, divides I think it is absolutely wrong of the Chinese government to try and wipe out Tibetan culture and dilute it with their own which is what is happening in Lhasa/Tibet. They are inundating Tibet with their own people. Even the Tibetan accent on Tibet TV is no longer Tibetan but Chinese which is complelety different. It makes my blood boil.

    Now lets see whether this message makes it to the board or whether it too disappears.

    Meanwhile i think youre a very special person and I am so surprised meeting you on a Fibro board. I never expected to be discussing issues other than the disease here.

    God Bless

    God Bless
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    I have been thinking about you throughout this terrible crisis. It must be a very painful time for you. It is for me and I am far away and an Irish Buddhist (are you Buddhist yourself?)... so many removes. And yet.

    I have sent many emails and signed many petitions over the last few days. I cannot believe some of the things I have heard said about His Holiness and the bizarre accusations being made against him by the Chinese government.

    I believe the world needs a free Tibet. I believe that we should all be free from cultural genocide. The Tibetan struggle is very much my struggle. I also believe that the Panchen Lama deserves his freedom - no matter what one believes about who he is, no state should abduct a child.

    I understand your anger very well. The attempts to turn a ancient culture and civilization into a Buddhist theme park for western tourists by moving in a different ethnic group is... well, words fail me.

    I am not at all special. Tibet has given me so much through its tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. There is nothing I could ever do to redress the balance. I have also met some wonderful Tibetan people who have shown me nothing but kindness. You see, I have been taking from Tibet for a very long time. Anything I do is an act of love.

    We are all one, after all.

    I will be thinking of you.

    Peace to us all!



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    thanks so much ~ I found it!
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    overwhelm - thanks for the info. I did look up my profile but cannot find the last few posts i made still.

    terch - i couldnt find your post either, maybe they will turn up later.

    Rafiki - yes, the Chinese go quite beserk with anything to do with HH The Dalai Lama. Theyre accusing him of masterminding the entire thing. You should have seen the gentle digs HH was giving the Chinese when faced with Indian reporters who were asking him about the accusations the Chinese made against him. He'd make a gentle dig and then laugh uproariously, even the reporters were grinning. HH has that effect on almost anybody who meets him, never mind who they are. You have met him twice. I had the privilege as a school kid when he came to visit our little hill station town in India obviously decades back. I dont find any difference in him then and now. The same gentle sweet and humorous spirit radiating out from within. Do you think its because of religion and all the years of training & meditation, one cannot imagine HH being angry ever! Not all religious lamas are like that no matter how high their rank. (I know of one other lama who never seemed to get angry, ever, HH Dudjom Rinpoche..who passed on in 1987 and now his reincarnation is the same altho he is still very young - 17).Or show anger like us normal people. Maybe its inborn. Yes, I am Buddhist. How did yu discover Buddhism? On your trip to the east? It certainly explains a lot of things doesnt it? Like karma and the reasons why we suffer. and what we can do now to improve our lives now and later.

    It seems the unrest has spread to inner regions of Tibet, the horsemen/nomads of the interiors, Tibet is so vast. Prince Charles has asked to meet HH The Dalai Lama. Isnt that great?

    God Bless

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    I want to write much more to you than I can just now. My brain is not cooperating at all. Strange how one can train the mind even when the brain cannot necessarily be counted upon.

    I will write tomorrow. But, I want you to know that I am meditating on peace and safety for your elections. I am being guided in this by the writings of Thich Nhat Hanh, the Vietnamese Monk, teacher, peacemaker and poet. And, those of the Nun Pema Chodron who has a monastery in the Tibetan tradition which is here in Canada in Nova Scotia.

    We are everywhere and we are with you.

    with metta,

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    Rafiki - Im reading Thich Naht Hahns book 'Transformation and Healing'!!!

    I carry it around with me even when i go out. I find his meditation techniques hugely helpful when Im having a particularly bad time with my depression.

    Thank you for your prayers for the elections..I expect i will vote; I am determined the YCL/Maoists will not win. I just hope some of their cadres or others will not take it into their heads to plant any bombs around the booths.

    God Bless

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    I'm reading FOR A FUTURE TO BE POSSIBLE and would carry it around if I went anywhere ;~) Thich Nhat Hanh is a marvelous teacher. Who would imagine that two women so far apart would both have little books in their bags by Thich Nhat Hanh!

    In answer to your question re Buddhism, I actually found "it" in a basement in Toronto! After years of travel in India, Myanmar, Thailand... I found Buddhism when I nearly died in a basement in Canada. As I lost consciousness I glimpsed the awakened state for the briefest moment. I understand this is not an unusual experience. When I survived and recovered I got books (many "by" His Holiness) and began to study and meditate.

    It was a perfect fit in terms of my innate beliefs but, although Buddhism had been all around me in various forms since I was a teenager, I wasn't ready until that night. Before then I was dragged around by my ego and suffered most enthusiastically.

    I did not have chattering monkeys in my mind, I had screaming monkeys! Now I have only chattering monkeys (progress!) and I can sometimes get them to be quiet for a minute or two.

    I am a different person ~ happy, very grateful.

    I have not really "met" His Holiness! I have only been in huge stadiums with him. But, it was a very powerful experience none the less. I love him deeply. I feel so fortunate to be alive in the world with him. To see and hear him was very powerful.

    I'm rambling. I'm doing that a great deal lately. I will not do it forever.

    Will things be less tense there after the elections or is that dependent on how they turn out? Stay safe!

    Tashi Delek,


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    I was wondering whether what you described was ' a NDE'? Ive heard of those. And they do leave people completely changed.

    Chattering monkeys are notoriously difficult to quieten down. I used to be able to meditate in some earlier times and got a glimpse of something approaching 'peace' which lasted for half a day after getting up. Then some crisis must have loomed up, as they will, and i stopped meditating. I am beginning to do so in earnest again. And your story spurs me on. I notice we do so much better following positive actions when we get reinforcements like hearing someone else doing it.

    I see from todays papers they have arrested some Human Rights activists from Amnesty International for anti China demonstrations. Good. That should shake the Chinese Embassy here up a bit. I jokingly was telling my son I was thinking of going and picketing in front of the Chinese Embassy with a Tibetan flag and he said "ok, Im on. Lets do it." He wants me to get him a Tibetan flag. I hope Im not breaking the board rules by writing this down. I love this board and the support i get for my CFS/depression issues.

    Re Nepal elections....its been peaceful campaigning in the city. Not so - outside. The Maoists/ Young Communist Leaguers are stil intimidating and killing. NO one expects them to win but theyre notorious for causing trouble when they dont get their own way. So i guess we just have to wait and see.

    God Bless