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    I can't help but think that most of my problems (headache and brain fog mainly) are structurally related. As much as I try not to be afraid of Chiros I am.

    I have a few questions..

    Do you do xrays before you adjust? The Chiro I was seeing said it's not necessary. I want to try someone else, who has a computerixed spinal scan. Is this a good idea?

    Shoot.. I had another question but forgot.. shocker.

    I remembered it.. the Dr. took my blood pressure in both arms and it was quite different. She said this was signifigant. What do you think?

    Thanks so much.
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    Back from vacation........

    Shalom, Shirl
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    I see a fantastic chiro and I had a pretty severe sciatic nerve problem when i went to see him, and he said x-rays were not necessary right away. He wanted to treat me first, and if I didn't see improvement, he would order x-rays, then. I treated me, I got better, and I never had to have x-rays.