To Ralph/anyone....Thinking of trying NAET, anyone done this?

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    I have CFIDS and have severe MCS, multiple allergies, mercury poisoning etc etc....I have just found the NAETw ebsite and ordered the book "Say goodbye to illness" I am seriously thinking of giving this a go and would love to hear from others who have tried this and whether it has helped at all.

    It almost sounds too good to be true but I've heard a lot of good things about it. Can it make you feel worse in any way?

    Any info/advice would be much appreciated,

    Thenks, Nell
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    Is it alternative care? If it is I'm seeing one now and she is great.
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    Many thanks for your advice, I will certaily check out the person I am thinking of seeing. I am one of those sensitive types who react badly to most things and this was why I was concerned.

    I was pleased to hear how much it has helped your friend, this gives me hope, thanks again for the help.

    Take care,


    Carlacat...NAET is an allergy elimination technique, is this what you are doing? It looks very good, it's supposed to be the best way of getting rid of allergies/intolerances/chemical sensitivities etc. The website is NAET dot com. If this is what you are doing, has it helped you at all?

    Love Nell

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    Hi Nell,

    I have used NAET. It has been well over 5 years ago. I do remember that it worked pretty well. I am fortunate in the allergy department. I only had a few allergies that gave me much trouble. I know the story behind the development of this technique. A friend of mine (medical doctor) trained with her and uses the technique in her practice. Let's see if I can spell it...Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique. Dr. Nambudripad has quite a story and this technique was born out of her attempt to heal herself.

    Good luck and wellness to you!