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    Hi, I can tell you about "Curves". I tried it, and it did not work for me. It looked really good, and if I had been well, it might've been great, but this is what happened to me:
    Up where I live, You can only pay for it by having the cost taken out of your checking account monthly. If you need to stop, you then need to submit a letter form your doctor. They have a circle made up of exercise machines alternating with a space to "jog". Music is played , and when the music stops you move on around the circle, so that way one can go around in less than 15 minutes, and have used equipment that has targeted all parts of the body. The aim is to go around 2 or 3 times. I found that I ws lucky if I could go around once, and I never ws able to use each piece of equipment. As for the jogging in place areas, I could only move slowly and this brought a lot of comments from the other exercisers, telling me, not so kindly, that I could do better. The first few times I explained that I had Fibro, but then it became too embarrassing and painful, and I got really sick with severe bronchitis, so I stopped. They were not happy to loose my money! Let's just say that there were no hugs when I left. They say that one of the symptoms of CFIDS/Fibro, is that we constantly overestimate our abilities. Well, that was certainly true of me when I tried Curves. People try to help us with all kinds of advice. maybe someday some if it will work. I hope this has helped. Hugs, Terry
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    We need gentle exercise done at our own pace and at our own level of difficulty. Some can only walk for 3 minutes in the beginning. Some cannot walk at all. There are good flexing and stretching exercises even for those bedridden. I know because I was bedridden most of the time a couple of years ago. I got my exercises from physical therapy.

    Tai Chi and Yoga can be excellent exercise for us. Pilates can injure us if not done in perfect form. Be sure you have a good instructor or tape before trying Pilates or Yoga.

    Strength training using weights or machines can be good if we are able to tolerate it. Exercises which help with balance are excellent too.

    Many have been helped with water aerobics. I can run in place with my knees high in water; I could never do this on land.

    We are all different. We need to design our own exercise regimen.

    Love, Mikie