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    You are absolutely welcome to ask for prayer any time. Each week we put up one new thread, it is written in CAPS and has the date of the Thursday coming up. We all try and check that, and pray together on Thursday nights. It was our way of trying to simplify long lists with our fibro brains.

    You may post on that weekly thread, please just type a new section in it each week.

    Also you can post separately, you do not have to add to someone's elses post. Just click on "post topic" and write.

    good luck, from a total computer geek.. me, asatrump
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    Thanks for the welcome. I think it's awesome that we will all be praying for each others requests on Thur. night. Thanks for the information.

    Psalm 9:1 says, "I will praise You, O, Lord, with my whole heart; I will show forth (recount and tell aloud) all Your marvelous works and wonderful deeds."

    Each praise report is a sample of this verse. I pray for many more praise reports that we all can share together. Thank you, God.
    Hugs, Cyndee from Texas