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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by abbylee, Oct 14, 2005.

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    What you said in my other thread has been on my mind since I read it. You are right. I'm not usually like this.

    I've had fms since I was 12 and I'm 54 now. All of these years I've had one health problem after another - all normal, of course.

    When I found out about Xyrem, had my sleep study, and was given a prescription for Xyrem, I really thought I'd get, if not well, at least better. And I did. I don't fall asleep during the day anymore, I don't have flares except during storms, and I can move my neck more.

    But in the past few months I've had to double my Methadone and add Oxycodone.

    In addition, I've developed cold, numb hands (MRI was fine), and spastic muscles. I can hardly walk through the house without holding on to something and I can't climb stairs.

    This after having pretty much the same symptoms for years. Now everything seems to be falling apart.

    Xyrem is GHB. Don't body builders say that it helps build their muscles? So what happens if you take it and you don't try to build your muscles. What effect will it have on them, if any?

    Once in a while I have a pity party, and I guess this is one of those times. When this happens, I need someone to let me know that I need to take stock of my attitude and get it back up. Thank you for being the one to make me determined to keep fighting and to not let this get me down again.

    I'm sure whatever is going on will go away soon. My 'ailments' usually get better with time. Don't they all? Except the pain, of course.

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    Hi Abbylee-

    Thanks for responding to me about Xyrem and thanks for letting me read this post. I was hoping that Xyrem would be my answer but it has not solved much for me. I am still tired and still am finding myself awake at night. What did they thought you had from your sleep study?

    I also didn't know that this is what they use for body builders. Maybe we should go build our bodies. LOL

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    Bodybuilders and athletes in general would use it because of 1)it's super deep sleep properties and 2) its growth hormone release.

    What this amounted to was a much faster recovery time so that training could be done with more frequency and more intensity, therefore allowing them to excel in their sport.

    It actually works this way for the rest of us too, since deep, restoratve sleep is virtually essential to recovery from ANYTHING stressful, whether physical or emotional, day to day.

    If I remember correctly, infants, kids, adolescents, etc., spend much more time in deep sleep than adults, especially aging adults. So what I figure the Xyrem does is just give adults a sleeping pattern that more closely resembles that of youngens.

    No wonder I've heard people say they haven't slept this well (on Xyrem) since they were "5 years old".
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    I didn't really mean to say anything at all about your attitude, just that I could tell things were really bad to alter your voice so much. And I feel bad for you.

    That muscle thing is scary. I wish I knew about Xyrem. I hope it's just a temporary weather change kind of thing. I think I remember you're on the east coast. All that rainy weather must be steering things in your body.

    I am so thankful that the pain piece of fm didn't turn up until this year. I think I got the EBV when I had mono at 15 and worked on the fm by being sh** magnet for stress my whole life. It must have been so hard to go through all those stages of growing up and living your life with pain always there. I've suddenly learned at 52 that pain changes everything.

    I had a planned overdoing it day today and I'm feeling it. I had a booth at the local harvest festival with trinkets from our internet store to sell. Too much sitting, too much standing, too many hours without a nap.

    I hope your day today has been good. Take care!


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