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    Robin...I have read your post on UTI's. I am 44 and have had bladder and kidney infections every two to three months, since I was 13 yrs. old, being treated each time with antibiotics.
    I was on maintenance dose of antibiotics for the past year.
    Here is what I have discovered.
    Do take antibiotics if you have an infection you do not want a kidney infection. Bladder infections are fairly benign but kidney infections cause damage.
    I got off the preventative maintenance dose of antibiotics though. With a combination of mannose, (which I saw you had read the earlier post about), berberine, and grapefruit seed extract as a preventative you do not run into the damaging effects of antibiotic use on the gut.
    Please make sure to take probiotics to replace the beneficial flora in your gut since you have been on continuing antibiotic therapy.
    There is much advice about cranberry juice and other agents used in prevention and treatment of urinary tract infections. The belief being that the high acidity in those will make an inhospitable environment for bacterial infections. I can firmly attest---that this is not the case for me. My pH has been running an incredible acidic 5.5 which is as low as my pH testing strips go....and I still managed to get an kidney infection this month, due to blockage of a ureter by a kidney stone. So having urine pH of an acidic 5.5 did nothing to hinder the growth of this bacteria (e coli --which are responsible for 95% of uti's.