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    Thank you so much for praying for me! I just wanted to let you know that I had a busy and happy weekend! I did not suffer as much as I usually do, especially when we have so much going on. Last night I only slept 3 hours because my mind was racing with thoughts about work and the birthday party I am throwing for my little guy this weekend. We invited 16 8 yr. olds for a "Fear Factor" party. Yes, lots on my mind. I really need God's strength to get me thru this week in preparation for the party and the beginning of the summer session of Daycare. It was so cool to see the power when "3 or more pray for you"...Love in HIM! Cindy
    P.S. I think that maybe my needs sound kind of petty, and trivial, and relative to so many people's needs I know that they are. But just know that I am almost 49 with an 8 year old boy,a more than full time job with a large staff plus lots kids, not able to drive due to Meniere's Disease or seizures, and the pain and exhaustion of FM. I really am not trying to have a pity-party-I try to rise to every occasion; but mostly I would rather curl up in my bed with a heating pad and a book and not do anything.
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    God bless you for still working with all that going on. It must be difficult. I am 49 and I have an 11 year old and a 16 year old so I understand how hard it it. Don`t ever feel bad about venting a little or asking for help. We need both.

    I`m impressed with your FearFactor birthday party. I`ll have to keep that in mind for my 11 year olds next party. He would love that.

    I`m glad you had a good weekend. I hope things continue to go well for you.

    Take care,
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    The party was so much fun! I ended up with 10 8 yr. old boys. It was a perfect number to split up in 2 teams of 5 for the relays. Go on the website-Birthday party ideas and click on Fear Factor theme. I took some of the hundreds of great ideas and reinvented them, and then made up some of my own. God gave me joy and energy to get thru the day. It was hard to clean up-aching all over- but I did it! My husband was a huge help, and my son picked spaghetti noodles off the floor! One of the young Moms told me I was a "cool mom", and that made me feel good.
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    I`ll check out that birthday party site. I love the internet. You can find so much information on just about anything. Wow, ten 8 year olds, that`s a lot. you must be pooped out. I`m sure the kids loved it though and it will be something they will never forget.

    Have a good day!
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    I give you a lot of credit. You are brave to have such a party with 10 year olds. I teach that age and I know how much energy they have and a Fear Factor Party to boot! Wow. Yes, you are a cool mom of at least my students would think so. LOL

    We have had people eating cicadas around here. That is all the talk the last couple of weeks. The 17 year cicadas have emerged from the earth, kinda like a horror movie in my opinion and they had teachers and kids eating them. YUCK. One teacher actually deep fried them for his class.

    So maybe we should have sent you some for your party. LOL I am so glad you had a blast and it was a success and you survived.

    I am sorry I didn't answer your post from whenever. I remember thinking you don't have a computer so I will respond during the work week. You ask if I can still play my clarinet. I can but for short periods of time only. I play with my students and I can play most of the instruments that I teach but the trumpet and I don't get along very well. My neck muscles don't like the trumpet at all but I can play trombone and baritone so go figure.

    I did play a funeral a couple of summers ago. It was a fellow music teacher and her kids asked me and I couldn't refuse. I am so out of shape so it was a challenge. You know those chops aren't what they used to be!

    I am on vacation now and trying to get my garden in (flowers that is)but the weather has been a challenge. It has rained almost everyday of my vacation. I am not retiring for a few years if the Lord allows me go the distance.

    I hope you have a great work week and recup from the big party. Congratulations on a job well done!

  6. bandwoman

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    bump for Cindy

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