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    Hi Sandy, I just saw your post from Feb aobut the pain clinic in Aberdeen. What did you think? I finally have my esophageal spasms under control & had a week of feeling kind of good! but alas these past few days have been full of fatigue and some more arm & leg & neck/back pain. That's how it goes I guess....
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    :) bumping for Sandy
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    It went pretty well. They seemed very knowlegable at the clinic about the different kinds of pain and had lots of treatments. I was put on some new meds, perocet,neurotin and tizanidine. They seem to be working fairly well. I`ve been a lot more active because my pain is more under control. So, I am pleased overall but the pain specialist needs a personality transplant. She didn`t show much compassion or understanding.

    She said she thinks Fm is caused by depression and stress. She also told me I need to get a job and I would feel better. So, I did`t think much of her bedside manner. But she did give me some meds that are working and the clinic is only an hour from me so I`m grateful for that.

    I would still refer people to the clinic.

    Your having esophogus spasms too.? I`ve been having them for awhile also. I`ve also been having some horrid neck spasms. I feel so dizzy and nasueous when they hit. I hope you are feeling better.